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Tips to Design a Perfect Study Room or Work Corner

We show you how to create the right atmosphere with some ideas for decorating a study room or work corner.




All homes require a space where we can locate ourselves to study or work comfortably, quietly, and without losing concentration. Therefore, the idea is to turn one of the rooms into a cozy study. Here we show you how to create the right atmosphere with some ideas for decorating a study room.

In a study room, you don't need too much furniture, just basic furniture such as a desk, a comfortable seat and some shelves to place filing cabinets, books, magazines, documents, etc. The ideal is to choose a few pieces of furniture but that are large and have spaces in which we can store our different articles and objects for work or study. In some cases, when your bedroom is your study place, it is advisable to keep the bed neat and tidy and what better than with a pleated comforter with a really modern look.

Good lighting is essential in study rooms. You can place a large central lamp in the room and another that directly illuminates the work table. If you prefer, you can also include small lamps in other areas

Study rooms should be spaces that help to maintain the concentration of their occupants. Therefore, it is advisable to paint the walls with light and neutral colors that do not attract our attention and distract us. Tones such as white, ivory, cream or pale yellow are ideal for this type of room

Although the study rooms fulfill a certain function, it does not mean that we cannot give it a personal touch and adapt it to our tastes. You can incorporate some decorative elements such as plants, paintings, photo frames, etc. and bring a little color to the area with some textiles such as curtains and rugs.

Let us bear in mind that a study space or room is a place that will have to have individualism and character. It should always be organized, furnished, clean, neat, and decorated in such a way that the people who are going to use it feel comfortable and can concentrate quickly.

This space is designed so that people can become as productive as possible. Each of the corners will be able to fulfill a specific function, for example, libraries or storage places can be built on free walls.

The shelves for creating a library can be placed along the wall, in this structure, it would be appropriate to place different cubicles for the storage of desk accessories, sheets, notebooks, books. In the spaces that become free, decorative objects can be used.

Libraries should not be just a place to store books, especially if the furniture is large, thanks to its creation and its style it can be given a personal touch. You should only build a large one if you have a sufficient amount of books and material that justifies it, otherwise, there will be many gaps and free spaces, which can be counterproductive.

If the number of books is small, you can place them on a shelf with open shelves and place a wall desk. This way they will get a large free space.

When you sit down to design the way in which you will furnish your study room, you should focus on the use that you will give to the place, on the lifestyle and on the needs of each of the inhabitants of the house, it is not the same to create a space that will be used by professionals rather than by school-age children, despite the notable differences and needs of each case, if we put a little imagination we can create a space that can be shared by all.

To give it that much-needed personal touch, you can use elements such as a rug or other decorative details on the wall, or simply change the way you store and organize all objects and study materials.

If the available space is small or limited, nothing better than choosing a minimalist decoration, we should try to simplify everything as much as possible. All the spaces that are not visible can be used for storage and the walls can be left free, painted in a white tone, thus generating a greater sense of spaciousness.

Perhaps you can create a very personal handmade poster on a wall, it will not need to be large but rather reflect the personality.

In addition to the desk or work table, a room should include, if possible, a corner to read and relax. As much as possible, this site should be close to a window in order to enjoy natural light and fresh air.

Avoid that the place where you go to work is messy, things should always be neat and clean. If the place of study or work is visited by third parties and the site is untidy, it could generate a bad impression. That is why it is essential to organize the papers and find containers for each of the articles.

Boxes are an excellent option for storing papers, especially if we are talking about important documents. Having piles of papers piled up in the office or workplace will waste valuable time. In specialized stores, you can find boxes of different sizes, colors, and materials that will allow you to organize yourself. You can use a label or box of each color for a different purpose, which is easy to remember and easy to use. This will make finding things easier.

It is normal for a place dedicated to study or work to remain disorganized if there is not a specific space for storing small things, which are very necessary, for example, the mobile phone charger, pencils, scissors, small sheets, markers, etc. For that, you can have several small boxes ideal for storing this type of thing. Remember to label the boxes with the name of the items you will keep.

The different tips that we have given you are easy to follow and implement. We hope that many of them can serve as a source of inspiration so that you can get the most out of your place of study or work.




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