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How to Create a Healthy Home Office Environment

With the lockdown and Coronavirus creating a volatile situation around the world, many companies are allowing employees to work from home - so it makes sense to have a healthy, happy home office environment.


The Coronavirus has forced many to re-think their current situation, and many have taken to working from home to avoid the office and keep isolated as much as possible. But it is important to set yourself up in a home office setting that is conducive both to promoting work and your health.

1. Plants for Health

Most people tend to forget about plants when thinking about how to decorate a space where they intend to work, but studies do show that adding plants to your home office or workspace can have a tremendous benefit on efficiency and focus, as well as mood and your health. Imagine being able to set up a workspace in your garden - a shady spot that was tranquil and filled with natural light. The studies undertaken reveal that employees perform far better when offices are filled with natural light and greenery, and that's why many office buildings try to incorporate atrium plantings or arrangements where plants become a part of the setting.

Working from home means that you can achieve this far easier than having to design and build an atrium, simply by bringing a few potted plants into the space

2. Plenty of Natural Light

Natural light is essential for good health, and this is even more important if you plan on putting in a full day's work from home. If possible, try to position your desk close to windows that have a view into the garden or out onto a balcony or courtyard. Natural light has a positive effect on your efficiency and you will find that you feel less tired than you normally would, especially if you take regular breaks in-between.

Open windows to let in cool breezes (during the warmer months, of course), or have a ceiling fan that circulates air around the room. A stuffy room will soon have you feeling drowsy and lethargic. In the cooler months, you could always take a walk around to stimulate your mind and body. And always drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to stay hydrated and refreshed.

3. Be Comfortable

An uncomfortable chair is the last thing anyone needs if they are working from home. If you didn't manage to bring your cushy office chair home to use, at least try and find a chair that offers some support and is comfortable. The alternative is to inflate a Pilates ball and use this as a seat. You may not find it comfortable in the beginning, but it will ensure that your body keeps up a high level of energy that will sustain you as you work.

The same applies to your desk or workstation. Make sure to have it at the right height for comfort and to avoid strain. Working, especially on a laptop or PC, requires a lot of repetitive movement, and having your desk at the right height, and your monitor positioned at the correct level, will ensure you don't get back or shoulder ache and reduce the possibility of strain on other body parts.



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