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Declutter your office for an organised and stylish work space

While most people prioritize cleaning and organizing kitchens, bedrooms and common living areas, few focus on the demands of office organization. From overstuffed cabinets to piles of paperwork, if your office is looking more like a war zone and less like a creative and productive space, here are some solutions to finding peace and calm in your office once again.


If your budget doesn't stretch to ready made furniture options, we offer plenty of furniture solutions in our DIY section or Home Office section. All you need are a few basic power tools and some DIY savvy to make your own custom furniture.

Desk Armoire

A secretary-style desk is a versatile piece and can work in a designated home office space as well as being ideal for a makeshift living room or basement office. Nothing helps achieve organization faster than a folding writing desk. A drop lid is ideal for concealing paperwork, office supplies and letters. An abundance of drawers and divided compartments allow for endless storage options.

Open Hutch

While a large hutch might seem unnecessary for a home office, the options of organization are unlimited. With cabinet space, shelving and a built-in corkboard, this all-in-one desk streamlines a cluttered office or even a chaotic kitchen into a manageable minefield.

In addition, an oversized hutch provides room for displaying office ornaments like postcards, family photographs and storage bins. For a variety of sophisticated and storage-friendly hutch options, international readers can check out the selection at LuxeDecor, while local readers can look at companies that manufacture custom pieces for the home.

Furniture Bookcase

An office is doomed to disorganization without a mandatory bookcase. Baskets and bins in bright colors work well to accommodate office trinkets while open shelving provides room for displaying collectibles or travel treasures. Utilizing a bookcase for storage and sentimental items is a great way to give an ordinary office a bit of personality.





Basket Storage

Nothing will free up more space than having baskets and bins for storage. Pretty decorative artisan baskets will derail disorganization and provide a space for mail, notebooks and electronic cords. Free up overloaded desk space with functional and attractive woven baskets.

Media Console

While it does perfectly suit a family entertainment room, a media console can double as office-friendly furniture. From housing larger books, files or binders, to serving as a spot for computer equipment and electronics, a media cabinet offers sleek storage options.

Magazine Holder

While magazine storage might not seem like a top priority when it comes to tidying a cluttered office, there are actually countless uses for a decorative and stylish periodical organizer. From holding notebooks to storing mail, a magazine holder is a welcome addition to any disordered office.

Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor


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