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Modern ideas for home office workspaces

The trend in working from home is growing, as more entrepreneurs set up a home office and savvy employers realise the benefits of letting valuable employees base themselves at home. A small workspace or home office can either be a corner of your lounge, a nook, or a dedicated space. Let's take a look at modern spaces that work.



PVC pipe legs and a piece of laminated pine and you have a wall-mounted desk that takes up little space. With a bit of DIY savvy, you can design the table so that the legs can be removed and the desk top folded flat against the wall when not in use.

We have previously featured how to make your own table using trestle legs. With a glass top, old door, or board cut to size, you can whip up a table in no time at all.

Today's technology doesn't limit anyone to being office-bound and you can be on the move - or at home - to perform almost any office-related task. A laptop or notebook, wireless Internet and you're all set to get started.







Rust-Oleum chalkboard spray allows you to be creative almost anywhere! Measure out a calendar on the wall above your desk space - use chalkboard spray to add an instant weekly schedule that can be wiped clean.



Look at ways to re-purpose old or secondhand furniture with paint to set up a small working space, or a full-on home office.





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