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Best Colours for a Home Office that Works!

With so many people now working from home and setting up a home office, we thought it might be nice to take a look at popular colours that make your home office work!


Red gets your heart racing and ready for work

It's bold and daring and gets your pulse racing, making you more productive and less likely to dose off when it gets quiet. Adding a dose of red to your home office really sets the stage for a home office that works and keeps your mind active at the same time.



Don't overwhelm the space with too much red, you don't want to give yourself a heart attack! A few splashes or bold red are all that is needed to stimulate and excite you when you step into your home office. And if you're not a fan of bold, bright colours, pare it down with a slightly darker hue of red.



A dose of sunny yellow

Wake up your day with a splash of sunny yellow on the walls and you will feel as fresh as a daisy all day long! This bright colour goes a long way towards keeping you more alert and in the mood for work, while letting you maintain a cheerful attitude. Yellow is well known for creating a welcoming atmosphere and is great for a space where you meet with clients.

As with many other bright colours, don't paint the entire room in one solid colour, rather use yellow to create an accent wall that lights up the space.

Create a soothing space

If you find that your days are hectic and you find  it hard to take as many breaks as you would like, add a soothing hue of green to your home office walls.



We all know that green is the perfect colour to invigorate your body and mind, and it's also the perfect colour to make you feel relaxed when you are hard at work. Did you also know that the colour green improves concentration? If you spend the day typing or proof-reading, green is the ideal colour for your home office.

Keep your cool with blue

While red might set your heart racing, adding blue to your home office will keep you cool. If you find that you tend to lose your temper too often and have to deal with deadlines on a daily basis, blue cools you down and calms you to help you focus on the job at hand. And decorating with a blue hue will also help you focus for longer periods of time.

Decorating a home office in shades of blue creates a soothing and calming atmosphere. Blue is also a wonderful colour for a room that receives a lot of natural light during the day and helps the room to feel cooler.



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