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7 Decent Ways to Introduce Beautiful Back Painted Glass in Office Interior

You may have different ideas of making the office environment vibrant and bright but using the back-painted glass could work its magic


The office is a space where employees should work and remain comfortable throughout. You may have different ideas of making the environment vibrant and bright but using the back-painted glass could do the magic. Modern offices require a lot of carefulness when coming up with interior décor ideas. Since you need your office to look sleek and also be comfortable for your workers, you might need to check on the many available designs from experts. Many online experts can provide you with designs that will help transform your office interior. With the right glass materials, you will have your office environment converted to a haven on earth. A good office interior boosts the morale of your employees at all times.

You do not need to worry about their productivity when the environment is conducive. Using back-painted glass can help create an attractive ambience in the office. It turns your office to a modernized space. With such designs in your office interior, you can also raise the image of the business to the customers in the long run. If you are wondering how you can use back painted glass in your office interiors, you came to the right place. This article explores several ways you can utilize back-painted glass for your office interiors.

At The Reception

The reception is the first place that your visitors step in when they come to your office. Back-painted glass is usually used for the decoration of the reception desk. The reception desk could be made of a glass top, and the side could include a back- painted glass. The back-painted glass at the reception could be engraved with the company logo or motto. This helps the visitors to know what the company offers the moment they step in. A company logo engraved on the back-painted glass is one of the best ideas that businesses use for advertising themselves to new customers. Also, with such a design, the visitors are more confident that they are being served by industry leaders. It raises the image of your business to the customers. If you do it right, you could see more customers coming your way through referrals. You, however, do not have to sweat it out if you hire a professional interior designer.

Movable Glass Partitions

Glass partitions within the office offer some form of privacy for the employees. Using frosted or any obscured glass is a popular practice among business owners. Mostly, the office partitions can be made using back-painted glass. The back-painted glass does not allow the employees to see through them, thus offering a sense of privacy. However, with the movable partitions, the employees can move them whenever they feel like they need to consult their partners. Having employees consulting with each other during working hours helps to improve their productivity in the long run. If you are looking forward to killing two birds with one stone; that improves the level of privacy as well as promote collaboration, the back-painted glass is the best option for your office interior. When installing the movable glass partitions, ensure that you use high-quality rollers that will not damage the floor of the glass material in the future.

Glass Boards

Glass boards in the office have become important elements. Wooden whiteboards have become outdated, and business owners opt to have glass boards due to their ease of being erased and keeping them clean. Since they can be mounted on movable stands, the back-painted glass can be suitable for use in the creation of glass boards. In your office, you can have the back-painted glass installed in every meeting room. Also, you can have them installed in common rooms which will allow the employees to brainstorm on different ideas when they are not working. A good idea that would make the office interior look unique is having the glass boards installed from the floor to ceiling. Large glass boards also offer the employees sufficient space where they can write things they need to share with their colleagues. If you are looking forward to introducing a modern design into your office to improve the ambience, consider the large wall back-painted glass boards.

Innovative Wall Accents

Most offices are painted white and bright. It is a conventional trend of decorating the interior of commercial spaces. However, with more creativity, different color shades can be used to give a room more accents. The back-painted glass can be installed on a wall to give it a thematic look. For instance, instead of having plain white walls in a conference room, you could have the walls fitted with the back-painted glass to make a room brighter and more comfortable. Usually, you need to ensure that you identify colors that would accentuate the space you want to improve the décor. If you have problems identifying the most appropriate colors, you should contact an interior designer or architect. They will come up with innovative designs that will accentuate your walls. Express your creativity through the introduction of color splashes on back-painted glass.

Transition Doors

The glass doors in your office play a great role in the transitioning between spaces. When you have back-painted doors, they give your office a unique look. The color could be thematic to signify your company. For instance, if you are providing Environmental impact assessments services, you could have your office doors painted green. This is a theme that could dignify the activities of the company which is to maintain the environment by conducting assessments on projects. With this, there is the need to have highly qualified personnel to identify the most appropriate theme to be used for the back-painted glass doors. You may decide to have all the doors painted similarly or with a different accent. It all depends on what you are looking to achieve with the interior décor ideas.

Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen in your office requires a little love. You have to decorate it to make it welcoming and comfortable. You do not want your employees to transition from a well-decorated working space to a poorly decorated old looking kitchen. A back-painted glass could be used for the kitchen backlash. This way, your kitchen will look modernized and bright. The kitchen backsplash could also be used in the common room where the employees have their meals. The backsplash should, however, use a painted glass that has a thematic color for the company. When a backsplash is being made for the kitchen area, the tempered glass should be used since it is more resistant to high temperatures which could be in the kitchen space.

Gym Locker Doors

Your gym in the office should have doors made from back painted glass. The women’s locker room could have doors that are painted differently from those of the men. This gives a sense of identity to employees whenever they are changing. Mostly, bright colors should be used for the locker doors to keep the environment welcoming. Using dull colors may be demotivating for the employees when they go to the gym. Also, you should consider using pattern glass for the locker doors to make them unique.



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