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Create a functional home office anywhere in your home

Furniture for a home office, particularly desks, has evolved from being purely functional - to furniture that can be used to set up a home office anywhere in a home. It's stylish, modern and yet still practical as a work space.


Use 16mm MDF to make the shelf units and tabletop. Add decorative detail to the countertop using a Dremel Trio or router and then paint with a Bosch PFS spray system in your choice of colour.



Storage is essential for any home office setup. A single cabinet can efficiently store all your papers and files, and look great doing it. Open shelving is convenient for home office storage, but only if you plan to keep shelves well organised.

A better option is to have concealed storage, where files and papers are stored behind closed doors. If you do opt for open shelves, make use of baskets and decorative boxes to keep shelves neat and tidy.



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