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Design Ideas for a Small Home Office

5 Small Home Office Design Ideas.





Not many homes have the luxury of a spare room that can be turned into a home office. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a practical and stylish space that motivates you and makes remote working more fun. Get inspired with these five small home office design ideas.


1. Use your dressing table as a desk

Double up your dressing table and use it as a desk during working hours. A mini desk would work perfectly as a desk/dressing table. Keep office essentials minimal or keep them stored in a box underneath to prevent the area from becoming cluttered. Simply add a mirror for an instant transformation back into a dressing table.







2. Corner off space in your living room or bedroom

A simple curtain or a wall divider will help keep your work area separate from the main house and give you privacy. Include family pictures and wall art to make the space feel like part of your home.

Here are some popular ideas on how to corner off a dedicated space:


  • • Put your desk behind your sofa to create a sectioned off area.

  • • Make the most of any nooks such as bay windows by setting up your office in there.

  • • Place your desk in front of your bookcase to blend into your surroundings.

  • • Choose one blank wall to dedicate to your office area.


3. Utilise the space under your staircase

For many homes, the area under a staircase is wasted space that is often used for storage. Why not turn it into a cleverly designed work area that can be moulded to fit the awkward space?

You can use a mix of freestanding pieces of furniture and wall shelves to make the most of the space you’ve got. Remember to pick up a good desk lamp to make sure you have sufficient lighting to work in.







4. Give your home office some personality

Experiment with pattern by choosing some eye-catching wallpaper to highlight your working area. Use suitable colours in your dedicated workspace that reflect your personality and makes you want to spend time there.

Adding green plants will breathe some life into your working area and make it feel inviting. To help boost motivation, why not add some wall quotes from somebody who inspires you?


5. Keep office clutter out of sight

When working from home it’s important to try to keep your work life separate from your home life. Clear out one of your wardrobes or cupboards and use it as a dedicated space to keep office essentials. After a long day, simply shut the doors and forget about it until the next day. Trolleys, files and boxes are must-have items to keep your items organised.








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