Basic Home Electrical

Fit lampholder and on/off switch
It's so easy to make your own table lamp and you will find plenty of projects in our Craft Section. To finish off your new lamp you will need to add a lampholder for the globe, and perhaps an on/off switch as well.
Install ceiling lights
Some rooms in my home have light fittings that were installed when the house was built - way back when. I thought it was about time I took my own advice - and installed more modern fittings!
How to wire a 3-pin plug
Although you can strip almost any wire or cable with nothing more than a craft knife, for safety reasons it is better to use a wire stripper. If you plan to do home improvements or your own home repairs, a wire stripper is affordable and easy to use, and they produce results that are reliable and safe.
How to connect wires
Most electrical problems - some of which can be extremely dangerous - can be prevented with a properly applied wire connector. In most cases, a connector is nothing more than a plastic cap with a spring inside.
Fit a 3-pin plug
By law, appliances, tools and other bought electrical items have to be fitted with a plug, but how many are fitted with a 2-pin plug. Stop running around trying to find a 2-pin adaptor.
What to do in a power failure
While our day to day lives are dependant on electricity, if you are sitting comfortably in front of the TV or PC and the power goes off. What do you do?
Test your earth leakage
Do you know why a switch trips? Here is a simple guide to how your fusebox gets electricity to your appliances.
Electrical repairs
There are some minor electrical faults that can be repaired yourself - without calling out an electrician. Save yourself some money and time spent waiting by doing a bit of research...
What to do when circuit breaker keeps tripping
Eskom power is cabled into a home via the circuit breaker. An electrical panel mounted within the home, a circuit breaker is a safety mechanism that is designed to trip and switch off the power when safety has been compromised. Here are some of the problems that can cause a circuit breaker to trip...
How to use a continuity tester
You need to perform a continuity test to ascertain whether or not a switch has failed. A continuity test will determine if a continuous electrical path flows through a switch. If a switch has continuity it should be working, but no continuity indicates that the electrical path is broken and the switch needs to be replaced.

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