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Basic Facts You Need to Know About Modular Home

Modular homes are also known as factory-built, system-built, and prefab homes, short for prefabricated homes.


This type of home has been getting a lot of attention lately, it seems to be a decent rival to the normal site-built home. There are some misconceptions about modular homes, seeing as it might be something unorthodox, but it's actually a decent built house that can be the best kind of home for you and your family. Take a look below at some of the important things to know if you're thinking about getting a modular home.

What Are Modular Homes?

These homes are basically houses that are built indoors in a factory, rather than the normal on-site ones. The parts that are finished are packed and shipped to the new location, they are separate pieces and are assembled together to form the house. It can be done anywhere around the world, even if you're living in Queensland, the Australian state covering the continent's northeast region. Ordering a modular home QLD based isn't difficult to achieve, assembling it will also be easy for your builder. The interesting thing about these homes is that they aren't placed on a permanent foundation, so it can be moved from one place to another. But the relocation of these modular homes depends on the laws, rules, and regulations of the current country you're in. These homes are also known as factory-built, system-built, and prefab homes, short for prefabricated homes.

Are They Motor Homes?

These homes aren't really considered a motorhome or a mobile home most of the time, even though they can be moved easily. They are built very quickly, takes a few weeks give or take to get ready. You won't have any delays like weather conditions, so it won't take months on end like normal houses. But they are still not technically a trailer or motor home.

Customization Perks

They can be customized easier and have a variation of styles and sizes. Builders and designers use computer-aided design systems when conducting operations, this adds to the efficiency of construction and improves the appearance and architecture of the homes. They do not depreciate in value, they are similar to how normal houses are. This gives owners a lot of room for imagination for more and better customization.

Any Damages During Building?

The materials used to build these houses aren't damaged or so from any weather changes because they were built indoors inside the factory. They offer the owner a big percentage of quality and convenience, plus a lot of savings in costs. So it really is worth to consider owning one.

Energy Star Certified With Good Conditions

Modular homes can be built on crawl spaces and basements. They are designed to withstand 175 mph winds, with high performance and weather resistant windows, controlled air, and duct systems. Plus, they have improved energy efficiency; the buildings with this label use 30 to 40% less energy per year than your traditional houses. So they save you a lot of money and time.

A Home Fit For Royalty

This choice of a house is really worth every penny you spend, it's not a bad idea to go for modular homes because they offer you so much in return. Something you and your family can enjoy anywhere and if you're moving, you can actually take the house with you to the new location if the laws permit it. Make the right choice and enjoy your new house.


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