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Circular Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Kitchens have evolved dramatically in the past few years and it's nice to see a bit of unusual design appearing in the otherwise square spaces of a kitchen with these circular kitchen island design ideas.


Kitchens have always been a bit squared-off; from the basic galley kitchen to the more popular 'L' shaped design, but it's nice to see circular shapes making their appearance in kitchens these days.



There's no rule that states kitchens must be square, or rectangular, or even zigzag. and it's surprising to see other shapes making an appearance in kitchen design. Why can't you have a circular breakfast bar, or a circular kitchen island? These shapes are just as practical and can bring something different to a staid kitchen.

We think that rounded-off shapes look even better than the traditional sharp edges of most kitchen island designs. These designs give you just as much spaces as traditional islands and still offer plenty of storage. There's no reason why you can't incorporate round shapes in a kitchen, especially if you are fitting quartz or solid stone countertops, which can be cut to any shape.

While straight lines and angular shapes have long been the norm, nowadays more thought is given to the use of free-flowing curved forms that replicate nature and this is even more popular when looked at from the perspective that the application of curvilinear surfaces in architectural design has a positive effect on human emotions and well-being. We tend to agree that every home could do with a few more soft edges and curvy surfaces.



If you are looking at something different and unique for your kitchen design, think out of the box with curved shapes. Nowadays you can allow your imagination to go further than straight lines and many top chefs agree that a circular island allows more freedom of movement, even in a small kitchen.

You have to admit that a circular island definitely adds an interesting visual dynamic to kitchens. Circular designs offer more than enough room to operate during meal preparation and can be set to incorporate expansive seating areas that leave enough room for four-plus guests to comfortably eat and socialise.



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