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Build a garden room

Over the past few years, garden rooms have become popular home extensions. Most garden rooms are either used as home offices or studios but some are also designed as an extension to our living rooms. The easiest way to build one is by buying a self-build kit with an instructional, step-by-step booklet.


Self-build kits are ideal for first timer buyers. For experienced DIY practitioners, however, self-build kits can be quite restrictive and might hinder their creativity.

If you have a design in mind, it’s not too difficult to build a garden room from scratch. Just remember these key steps before starting on your own project.


The foundations of a project are the most important elements of any construction process. Plinth foundations such as Swift Plinths and Jack Pads are often used in building garden homes because they are adjustable pads that are quick and easy to install.

These foundations are also popular because they are sturdy, and even eco-friendly because they are made from recycled materials. Should you need to replace either plinths or pads, you can completely remove them from the site without leaving any visible marks.


If you’re not an expert in installing electrical wiring, call a professional. Just make sure that your garden room has its own consumer unit that is connected to your house’s main supply via an armoured cable. If you’re going to use the garden home as an office, it’s a good idea to install a telephone, data, and A/V cabling into the system. Make sure that the cables are buried underneath the ground so you can maximise the space inside your garden room.

Draught sealers and wind blocks

Whether you’re using the garden room as an office or an extension to your living room, you need to reinforce your windows and doors to ensure security and privacy. Inline with Screwfix’s array of contemporary outdoor gardening furniture, it’s clear to see that draught seals and wind block systems are the preferred method for securing and waterproofing doors and windows. When choosing a glass window, make sure that the glass has the label 'toughened safety glass' for extra durability and protection.


Toilets and showers are necessities if you want to turn your garden home into a complete living annex. If you’re going to install any sort of drainage system in your garden room, make sure to adhere to building regulations, and fix the sewage connection routes. Giving your garden room a steady supply of water is easy, as all you need to do is connect it to your home’s main supply.

Constructing a garden room is an enjoyable project, and any capable builder can do it. By building a garden room, not only are you making something that can aid you for years to come, you can also find cost-effective ways to do. And who knows, it could even add value to your house as well as being a comfortable retreat for when you desire some alone time.


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