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The easy way to pain-free weeding

Up to now weeding garden paths, driveways and other paved areas has always been a tough task, with sore knees and an aching back. But now there's the Skil Weedbuster – a handy tool that effortlessly removes stubborn weeds from between tiles and paving stones.


With 500 Watts of power, model 0700's high-speed 3,000 rpm. rotating brush takes all the hard work out of keeping paths and driveways weed-free. And with the Weedbuster there's no longer any need to use toxic pesticides that can be harmful to the environment.

The Weedbuster couldn't be easier to use, with telescopic height adjustment so every user can find a comfortable working position. There's a built-in brush indicator for clear guidance along the line to be weeded. And it's easy to change the brush when necessary, thanks to the handy spindle lock function.

As part of the Urban Series garden tools range, the Weedbuster has Skil's unique ‘Easy Storage' feature, so it takes up next to no space when it isn't being used.

The Skil Weedeater does away with painful knees and aching back with its telescopic height adjustment and high-speed removal rate.

The Easy Storage handle design means that this powerful gardening tool can be conveniently hung up with your own tools, or on the back of a door.

The powerful motor ensures effortless weed removal and the handle features a spindle-lock for easy changing of brushes.