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5 Natural Pest Remedies for Your Garden

When you notice pests in your garden, you really need to take up some natural measures in order to eliminate them




Everyone needs a place to spend time with their family after a full day at work. For that, gardens are considered as the best place to relax and wind down and take in the wonders of nature that surround you. Pop onto our Garden section for ideas and inspiration for creating the perfect garden. However, garden pests are hazardous for your family and garden and should be handled with special care to avoid further harmful impacts.

When you notice pests in your garden, you should look at natural methods to eliminate them, methods that are free from unwanted chemicals and environmentally friendly. Rather than wasting your money on costly and potentially harmful pesticides, it is better to consider natural home remedies to get rid of pests present around your house.





Here are the 5 natural pest remedies for preventing your garden from pest infestation.



1. Neem oil

The oil obtained from the seeds present in the Neem Tree serve as the powerful homemade insecticide which has the capability to disrupt the lifecycle of the pests such as adults, larvae and eggs and thus make it as the good insecticide for the organic gardener.





Neem oil is a non-toxic for the pets and birds as well as other general wildlife, and it is quite effective against wide range of garden pests. Being used as a natural fungicide, it combats mildew and other kinds of fungal infections that can occur on plants. This oil is obtained from the online stores or it can be made on your own. Spray the neem oil on the leaves of the infected plant so that it will eliminate or reduce the number of pests found on the garden. To make the neem oil spray, mix 2 spoons of neem oil with organic liquid soap and warm water. Mix slowly and spray the liquid over the infected plants.



2. Garlic Spray

Garlic is renowned for its pungent smell, but it is a smell that repels garden pests. It serves as a natural insecticide to thwart unwanted pests present in your garden. If you are facing problems due to whiteflies, spider mites or aphids, garlic oil spray is considered the best solution to eliminate your pest problem. Soak 10 pieces of garlic in the mineral oil and leave it for one day. Separate garlic from mineral oil using a strainer and add 2 1/2 cups of water with the garlic and add 1 spoon of organic liquid soap. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray it over the plants for best results.



3. Chili Pepper Spray

Same as the garlic spray, the chili pepper solution is also regarded as the wonderful homemade natural repellent for keeping away the insects present in your garden. Chili spray can be easily prepared using hot fresh peppers or the chili pepper powder available in stores. To prepare this spray, mix it with 1 spoon of chile powder and add a quarter level of water with some liquid soap solution. This mixture works in a beneficial way to eradicate any pest invasion. This spray must be used on the leaves of the infected plant to get the best solution in few minutes.



4. Diatomaceous Earth

This is a natural substance which is obtained from the sedimentary rocks developed during fossilized algae. Diatomaceous earth has plenty of advantages in & around the home and it serves as the natural insecticide as well. This product is obtained from the garden stores which is quite helpful in circumventing the insects present in your garden premises.






Diatomaceous earth is quite helpful in eliminating the exoskeleton of insects and causes them to become dehydrated and subsequently die. It is harmful to the insect because it kills soft-bodied larvae, hard-bodied insects and also kills termites. Mix Diatomaceous earth with water and shake well before spraying over the affected plants and hence brush it over limbs, fences and fruit trunks to avail good benefits.



5. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus plant serves as the great pesticide for eliminating wasps, bees, ants, and flies from your garden. Just sprinkle the eucalyptus oil over the insects to get good results in sooner time. Mix the eucalyptus oil with soap solution to spray over the affected areas. This is quite effective treatment against bugs, slugs etc and can be easily sprayed over the roaches and ants. You can easily get the Eucalyptus to spray from the Eucalyptus tree without spending more money. It is completely free from chemicals so you can protect your family from unwanted complications.


In Closing

By following the above-mentioned natural pest remedies, you are sure to get rid of the pests present around your house on your own. Natural pest control treatment is regarded as the best alternative option to evade pesticides from your house. With a little bit of hard work, you can be able to reclaim your garden from danger.