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Trim and prune with ease

Take the effort out of pruning and trimming with the Skil Lynx Garden Saw. This company garden tool allows for effortless operation when using either one-handed, overhead, at full-reach and in restricted spaces.

Far  more efficient than manual tools, and more user-friendly than powered saws, that can be intimidating and heavy, the Skil Lynx Garden Saw is quick and easy-to-handle and ideal for pruning branches of up to 80 mm diameter, without any physical effort. Whether you’re working overhead, at full reach, or in confined spaces, the Skil Lynx pruning saw is always easy to handle.

With its powerful 350 W motor, the saw can deliver an impressive 2 350 strokes per minute to ensure that the user achieves desired results without being overwhelmed. It comes standard with two 15 cm saw blades with a wood capacity of 80 mm.

The handy ‘Clic’ system means that the user can change blades without using any special tools or keys. The user simply moves the Clic lever in the indicated direction to release the blade, after which a new blade clicks into place. The tool also features a cable clip to prevent cables from unplugging, and requires no battery, as it connects directly to the mains supply for unlimited power.

The Skil Lynx Saw is ergonomically-shaped with soft grip areas for optimum comfort and control while working. And storing the tool is easy - it comes with a handy wall-mounted storage rail unit on which it can be hung tidily after use.


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