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Bring Your Garden Indoors

During the winter months our homes can be stale, as we keep the doors closed to keep in the warmth. But houseplants can revitalise and refresh a home during this time of the year.


Setting up a display of vibrant houseplants can make a home feel calm and refreshed. Not only do houseplants introduce colour and texture, some varieties are also good for purifying your indoor air quality. We compiled some tips on the basics for setting up your houseplants to survive and flourish.

Creating a vertical wall or interesting indoor display using houseplants has become very popular in recent years, as we realise the therapeutic and health values relating to indoor plants. An arrangement of lush, green foliage in contrasting textures and colours can add so much to a room, particularly in the winter months when we are cut off from our gardens.





There are so many different varieties of plants that can be grown indoors that it would be impossible for us to list them all. But garden centres and plant nurseries have staff on hand that can advise and assist you in choosing the right plants for the rooms in your home.

When shopping for houseplants make a note to take along with you that indicates how much natural light the room receives (morning and afternoon), whether there is high humidity or the room is dry. Little things like this will go a long way into making sure you buy the best plants for each particular room - from bathroom to bedroom.

Depending on whether you have a green thumb or not, it's always better to buy plants that require very little attention. All plants require water, but some require less water than others. So, if you always forget to water your indoor plants, make sure to only buy plants that don't mind if it gets a little dry spell now and again.

If you buy plants from a garden centre or plant nursery, these are generally sold in bags or cheap plastic pots. Before you take them home, ask whether the plants need to be re-potted: what size pot is necessary for re-potting, what type of potting soil, etc. That way, when you take the plants home and set them up in their new pots they will be happy enough to grow.

If you prefer to shop online, we found a great place to shop for easy care and low-light plants. Pop onto and shop for easy care, low light and waterwise plants for your home.

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