The easy way to get spray paint off your hands

 One thing I hate about spray painting is the fact that my hands are always covered with paint.  A couple of years back I discovered that WD-40 is great for removing spray paint from hands.



Magnetise a screwdriver bit or screw

When you're tackling a DIY project on your own you want to make things as easy as possible. If you don't have a magnetised holder for your screwdriver bit it's easy to make your own magnetised bit, so that holding screws on the tip of the bit doesn't become an infuriating task.


Injury prevention tips for DIYers

When you finally get round to that home improvement or DIY project you've been planning for a while, you'll be eager to get the job done quickly. Injuries, even small ones, can delay your project so it's important to take steps to prevent injury.


What is a French cleat?

A French cleat is a way to hang heavy items onto walls. A single piece of wood is split in two at a 45-degree angle. Alternatively, two pieces of wood are cut at 45-degree angles to fit one on top of the other. Use a French cleat for mounting shelves and bookcases on a wall.


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Make your own legs or feet for furniture

You only need a few pieces of PAR pine to make your own legs or feet for furniture. By making your own legs or feet you can design your own style to match a style or be a unique feature for furniture. I normally use 44 x 44mm or 50 x 50mm PAR pine for my pieces.


New Pattex 'Air Pulse' product range

I'm a big fan of No More Nails and have used the product successfully for varied project. Now a new packaging has arrived and it makes No More Nails even easier to use in and around the home.


How to use a plug cutter

Plug cutters can be used to make your own plugs for filling counterbored or countersunk holes in wood. The biggest advantage of using a plug cutter is that you can get a matching plug by using scraps from the same project.


What is a caulking gun and how do I use it?

When using cartridge tubes of product, be it for applying adhesive or filling and sealing gaps, the best way to apply these products is by using a caulking gun.



Drill holes in glass, mirror or tile

I receive numerous enquiries about how to drill holes in mirror, glass and tiles, and the Divas and Guys that attend our DIY Divas workshops are amazed at how easy it actually is to drill a hole in mirror, glass or tile. The secret is using the right accessory.


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How to drill a hole into masonry or brick walls

When you need to drill a hole into masonry or brick walls you need to make sure you get it right the first time, or you will end up with holes that need to be filled in. Drilling a hole into a masonry or brick wall is easy if you have the right tools and supplies that you need.


Which hinge should I use?

Walk into your local Builders Warehouse store and you might find it difficult to find the hinges you need for a project. It's hard to know what hinges are best, and they're not always where they should be on the shelves.


History of the common screw

One topic I love to discuss in our DIY Divas workshops is on how the screw has evolved over the years. Think back to when the only screw used was a slotted screw. Thank goodness we have moved on from then!


Make safety glasses from plastic bottles

I came across this idea on Make. It's another great way to repurpose and recycle plastic bottles into a safety shield or safety glasses for when using an angle grinder or cutting metal and tile, etc.


How to hang a picture... like a real man!

This post is by Dale in Joburg - on iDale - and is aptly named... How to hang frames like a real man! Thanks for this Dale, but you should know that women do this job just as well as real men!


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Go green in the workshop

With everybody trying to do 'their bit' to help the planet, you can easily make a few changes to the way you work in the workshop and save yourself some cash while making a difference.



How to fill screw and pocketholes

Not only does a pockethole jig creates strong joints, it also allows you to hide the holes on the inside - or underneath - so that joints are out of sight.



Easier, simpler DIY

DIY does not have to be a daunting task, but the problem with many projects is that they are viewed in their entirety rather than as do-able smaller tasks.



If DIY was as easy as it is on TV

Our homes would be resplendent mansions, adorned in granite, hardwood, marble and gleaming chrome fixtures. And here’s the secret: sure, anyone can do it - if you take the time to plan!


Easy way to sand moulding and trim

With a few special tools and good sandpaper you can smooth wood easily and quickly with first-class results. Often even better than with a power sander.



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