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How to Make Second-hand or Dated Furniture Look Good

When you don't have a large budget for furniture and you need to kit out your new home or apartment, use these designer tips for making second-hand or dated furniture look good.






1. Add Detailing



- New Legs for a Sofa or Couch

There are various different things you can do to update a second-hand or dated sofa or couch, the easiest being to replace the feet or legs. A new set of legs will instantly revitalise an old sofa and give it a more modern look, or the look you decide based on the style of legs you use.





A set of sexy legs is a quick and hassle-free way to update a sofa or couch. Select legs based on the style of your home or the look that you want for the sofa.











Tilt your sofa or couch on its side to see how the existing legs are fastened. Some are secured with screws while others are secured with posts and bolts. You ideally want legs or feet that you have the tools to secure in place without any hassle. Hardware stores and fabric retailers are the best place to find assorted legs or feet, or you can go online shopping to find a source that ships direct. DO shop around for the best price before you buy.





- Decorative Trim for Cupboards and Doors

Pine moulding or trim is an expensive way to add expensive-looking detail to any plain cupboard or cabinet, as is polyurethane, wood or board cornice and crown moulding. These items are readily available at Builders stores, or you can get online to find a local supplier close to you. The trim and mouldings can be nailed or glued onto edges or around doors for decorative effect.



Have 3mm SupaWood cut into 50mm-wide strips and glue these onto door fronts to give a shaker style effect. Add even more detail with crown moulding at the top.





Don't let cupboard or cabinet doors be boring. Use a jigsaw to cut out the centre panel and replace this with fabric, such as burlap shown below, cane panels, pegboard, glass or even mirror for an updated display cabinet.





Fabric is a great way to upcycle a chest of drawers to turn it into an accent piece for any room in a home. Simply glue the fabric to the front of the drawer.





How's this for an excellent way to dress up a dated or plain cabinet? The drawer fronts are clad with pine dowels glued in place. To make it more effective, a small section at the back of the dowels was sanded away to allow for glueing onto the drawer fronts.









2. Reupholster or Add Trimming



- Reupholstery or Cover for a Sofa or Couch

Equip yourself with the knowledge of basic upholstery techniques and methods so that you can reupholster your own furniture. If this is not for you, there are plenty of companies that now do upholstery on your behalf, and you still get to select the fabric, colours, and patterns for your upholstered furniture. Bear in mind that this can be an expensive solution but it your sofa is just too comfortable to part with, it might be worth the cost.





The last, and more affordable solution would be to have a sofa cover made. While it can be a tricky process to make a custom sofa cover, there are hundreds of online videos and tutorials that will guide you step-by-step through the process. There are now companies that specialist in one-size-fits-all sofa covers, although you may have to spend more for this.




3. Use Nailhead Trim



- Elegant Detailing for a Sofa or Couch

If you want to get a few more years use from a dated sofa or couch, you might want to consider adding a detail that is both timeless and elegant - nailhead trim. These decorative upholstery strips can be found at larger fabric stores and are an inexpensive way to update a sofa and give it a new look.





Nailhead Upholstery Strips can be used on all types of furniture from a sofa or couch, ottoman or headboard, as long as there is a solid backing for the nails, you can use them anywhere to add elegance and sophistication to a piece of furniture.





Nailhead trim is great for all types of furniture; cover an old headboard with new fabric and add nailhead trim for a finishing touch.









Having recently posted an article on ideas to makeover a coffee table, here is another one you can add to the list. Choose a nailhead trim in silver, bronze or antique gold that complements the style of furniture and your home. Use a hammer to gently tap the upholstery pins in place. Since you are using a strip or row of nailhead pins it is easy to keep to a straight line.





Paint and add a decorative tile or mirror on the top of a coffee table and then finishing this off with nailhead upholstery strips for a glam look for an old table.






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