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Kreg Saw Horse vs. Kreg Mobile Project Centre

By combining the Kreg Saw Horse and Kreg Mobile Project Centre you can turn any workspace - at home or on the job site - into a capable workstation for cutting, assembling, sanding or staining.


On its own, the Kreg Mobile Project Centre is an all-in-one saw horse, work bench, assembly and clamping station. It gives the DIY enthusiast or contractor a place to work that is easy to set up, take to the job site, or use in your workshop to assemble all your woodworking projects. The project centre is portable and can be used for a wide variety of projects - just spread the legs to set up, it's as easy as that. When you're done, close up the legs and fold down the table to pack up and go.

The Kreg Mobile Project Centre also comes with a selection of clamping accessories that you will find extremely handy for your projects. It offers a large work area of 700 x 800mm, with all-around access.  

The Kreg Track Horse can also be used anywhere to set up a workspace. Steel and aluminium construction provide a sturdy design with a load capacity of 997kg per Track Horse, allowing it to be used for large, heavy materials and projects. The Track Horse includes a Kreg Bench Clamp for easy securing of items and also accepts a sacrificial surface for cutting without damaging the Track Horse.





When you need to boost cutting surface, it's easy to add another Track Horse, or pair it with the Mobile Project Centre to set up an extra-large work table. See the video below for tips on using both the Kreg Track Horse and Kreg Mobile Project Centre together to create the perfect workshop or onsite working platform.





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