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New Skil Multi Saw cuts a variety of materials

The new compact Skil Multi Saw can cut wood, board products, ceramic tiles, aluminium and plastics with ease and with an adjustable cutting depth up to 28.5mm, it's a handy tool for ripping pieces down or cutting to size and far less cumbersome than using a circular saw.


The Skil Multi Saw saw cuts through a variety of materials including wood, board, ceramic tiles, aluminium and plastic. The design might not be as appealing as the Bosch PKS 16 Multi Saw but the multi saw is easy to use and is able to cut through thicker materials and the 600W motor doesn't let you down. It's also far easier to use the multi saw than a heavy, cumbersome circular saw.

The multi saw comes complete with [2] saw blades and a cutting disc, as well as a parallel guide, so you are ready to go after reading the instruction manual.

I am awaiting the recommended retail price for this new model that will be available at your local Builders, as well as  and will post this information as soon as I have it.

The parallel guide allows you to cut straight lines perfectly, while the guide at the front of the base plate allows you to easily follow a drawn line.

Push down on the plunge cut button and lift the base plate in order to lower the blade to allow access to the blade (spindle lock). The plunge cut button is located on top of the multi saw.

With access to the blade and spindle lock, push down and hold the spindle lock button.

Use the allen key (provided) to loosen the spindle lock nut and remove the nut and flange to replace the blade. Make sure the new blade is bedded precisely on the spindle before screwing the flange and nut back in place. Tighten by turning counter-clockwise while pressing the spindle lock button.

It is very easy to set the cutting depth for the blade, which should always be set at no less than 3mm more than the thickness of the piece being cut. The cutting depth scale (shown below) can be set from 0 to 28.5mm. My only complaint at this point is that the locking mechanism seems very flimsy, but this didn't affect operation during use. Press the plunge button on top of the machine, raise the base plate and lock the cutting depth in place.

It is important to read the instruction manual for safe operation of this - and any - power tool. When using the multi saw you must start the blade spinning before moving forward to cut the piece. Only move forward, as moving backwards can cause the machine to kickback.

All-in-all I found the Skil Multi Saw very easy to use and it's a practical alternative to a cumbersome circular saw and would probably use this for ripping larger timber and boards down to size. It's a handy multi saw that is quick and easy to set up, so great for projects that need to be cut down to size.

I found it very easy to cut a straight line, even without using the parallel guide, simply by following my drawn line.

The tool also has a vacuum hose attachment that fits onto the front of the saw and can be attached to a vacuum cleaner for a dust-free work environment.


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