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How to round-off the bottom of legs

When you need to round-off the base of legs and you don't have specialist tools... here's how to do it.


When you need to round-off the bottom of legs for furniture projects, like this children's table and chairs, what do you do if you don't have specialist tools for the job?

We needed to round-off the base of all the pine legs to make this table and chair set, so we constructed a tool hack, that you will see below, in order to complete this task.





When rounding-off the base of pine legs, it's not easy to have a consistently rounded shape on all the legs, which can end up looking a bit odd once the project is done. 

You want all your legs to be rounded-off in exactly the same way, which we managed to achieve in a very easy way that allows you to replicate, no matter how many legs you need to round-off.





The trick... Turn your orbital or random orbit sander into a stationery sander.

Our random orbit sander was placed on its side and securely fixed to the workbench by means of several clamps. The clamps hold the sander firmly in place and let you hold the legs at the perfect angle for rounding-off.





We also cut a piece of scrap SupaWood (MDF) at an angle, against which we hold the pine legs to round-off. Try this for yourself and you will see how easy it is to do.

As you can see below, you get perfectly consistent results every time. And once you have sanded the basic shape, you can hand sand until perfectly round.



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