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DIY tools under R1000

If you still have last minute gifts to buy for the DIY enthusiast, or perhaps have some money left over after buying gifts, here are some tools and gift ideas for under R1000.



Not your average cordless screwdriver, the Bosch PSR Select is a cordless screwdriver that has an integrated bit cylinder that contains the 12 most important screwdriver bits you need. Now you never need worry about losing your drill bits - they are all safely contained inside the bit cylinder. Retailing at R950, this handy driver is a great buy for any toolbox. .

Still a staple for many DIY enthusiasts, the Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver retails at around R649 and has a range of complementary attachments. Add the cutter attachment, wine cork-screw, barbecue blower or spice grinder and you have a nifty multitool. .

For those starting out, you're going to need a selection of screw bits - because there are so many different types of screws. The Tork Craft 49-piece bit set retails at around R270 and is a great addition to your workshop or toolbox.

Any DIY enthusiast wanting to make their own furniture and decor will need a jigsaw, and now you can grab a Bosch PST650 for R800. This entry-level model is perfect for the beginner DIYer, and ideal for a wide range of cutting tasks and allows timber and board to be cut in any shape. .

Safety gear is a must for every DIY enthusiasts, and Tork Craft offer a comprehensive range of safety products. The Tork Craft work gloves retail at around R149 (on special) and allow easy movement while protecting hands. Throw in a pair of Safety Glasses (from R33 upwards).

Compact and lightweight, the Bosch PSB500RE comes in at around R690 and great for both men and ladies to use for projects in and around the home. It packs enough power to drill into concrete with ease if you use the right drill bits.

For the DIY enthusiasts that likes to add a dash of creativity to projects, the Aircraft Professional Air Brush Kit costs around R299 and features a double-action trigger for better control. Visit to see the full range of Aircraft products.

Take advantage of festive specials and buy an Orbital Sander at R730. The Bosch PSS200AC orbital sander allows you to use inexpensive sanding sheets, as opposed to expensive sanding pads, for a variety of sanding projects.

Take advantage of promotional pricing and buy the Kreg Pockethole Jig Junior R3 for R824. Perfect for any projects with wood, you can build bookcases and shelves, create storage projects, and much more.


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