Keep your Headphones Safe with this Handy Headphone Stand

This handy headphone stand is a great place to hang your headphones when they're not in use and it's a quick and easy project.


Headphones normally get tossed aside when they're not on your head, so this handy headphone stand is a great way to look after your headphones. Use PAR pine to make your own headphone stand, or splurge on Meranti or a hardwood to make a headphone stand that will last a lifetime.

This project by build something is so simple to make and you will be finished in no time. Everything you need to make this headphone stand you can buy at your local Builders store.

Once you have made the headphone stand, finish it off with tung or linseed oil, or apply a coat or two of varnish to protect the finish.



2 of 19 x 38 x 152mm pine - base, sides

1 of 19 x 38 x 108mm pine - base, centre

1 of 19 x 38 x 25mm pine - filler

1 of 19 x 38 x 305mm pine - post

4 of 19 x 38 x 6mm pine - feet

1 of 19 x 38 x 90mm pine - resting arm

1 of 12mm diameter x 134mm aluminum tube/rod or threaded rod

120-, 240- and 400-grit sandpaper

Wood glue


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Hacksaw, jigsaw and steel cutting blade, or Dremel Multitool and cutting disc

Quick clamps

Tape measure and pencil






1. On the Post section, drill a 12mm hole in the position shown below. This will be for mounting the aluminium rod that will support the headphone rest.

2. On a piece of leftover pine, draw out the curved arch shape for the headphone rest. Use a curved template like a small plate or paint tin lid to help draw the curved line. Also mark the location for drilling the 12mm hole for the aluminium rod.

3. Drill the hole first while the piece is clamped down and then cut out the shape with a jigsaw .

4. Apply wood glue to the Post, Base Centre and Filler and then align and clamp them in place.

5. Now you can start the assemble the base and post sections. On a level surface, apply wood glue to the Base Sides and align the edges with the Filler and Base Centre and lightly clamp them together and leave to dry overnight.


6. Secure the feet onto the base with wood glue. Position as shown below. Lightly clamp in place until the glue dries.


7. Sand and stain, varnish or seal all the wood pieces before adding the aluminium rod. Also polish the aluminium rod with 400-grit sandpaper (if necessary).





8. Once the finish is completely dry, fit the aluminium rod through the post and headphone rest. Lightly tap with a wooden mallet or scrap block of wood to ensure a snug fit.

Now your headphone stand  is finished and ready for use.



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