Quick Tip: What is a Forster bit?

When you need to drill holes in doors for concealed or Euro hinges, you use a Forstner bit. These bits are ideal for drilling the perfect size, flat-bottomed holes.


Patented in 1886 by Benjamin Forstner, the Forstner bit was designed to drill a smooth-sided hole with a flat bottom. The Forstner bit is still used today by DIY enthusiasts and high-end woodworkers as an easy method for drilling out holes for mounting concealed and Euro hinges (also known as cup or pot hinges) in kitchen cabinet doors and closet doors.

Forstner bits are designed to cut easily through most woods and board products. Follow the instructions here for measuring, marking and drilling out a hole.

GOOD TO KNOW: Firmly clamp the project to a workbench or saw horse before drilling.


GOOD TO KNOW: Check the depth of the drilled hole for a perfect fit.