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Paint your ceiling with Fired Earth Ceiling Paint

With the Builders Paint Promotion now on, there's never been a better time to paint your home with Fired Earth paint.


Painting A Ceiling

My son recently moved out of the house, leaving me with a room that was a disaster zone. As a smoker, you can imagine what cigarette smoke did to the room. The ceilings and walls were a dingy brown colour and I knew there was going to be a lot of work involved to clean and paint the room.

Preparation for painting

The first step, before any painting could take place, was to wash the ceiling and walls with Sugar Soap. Not an easy task, believe me. You shouldn't paint walls - especially if there is a smoker in the house -  without cleaning them first. Cigarette smoke leaves an almost oily residue on the walls that will bleed through paint if not cleaned off. Something to bear in mind if you are decorating a home where a smoker previously lived.





To make the job a bit easier, drop cloths were laid over the tiled floor and a whitewashing brush was used to wash down and rinse clean.

A paintbrush was used to paint around the perimeter of the ceiling, and also to paint the grooves between the ceiling slabs.

I live in a house that is a double-storey and the ceilings on the ground level have that awful 'popcorn' finish. Having said that, I'm lucky that after 20 years the ceilings are still in good condition, despite being difficult to paint. I suppose I could have used my Bosch PFS spray system to make the job easier, but just didn't fancy the idea of having to tape off windows, doors and fittings in the room. So, paintbrush and paint roller it is.

GOOD TO KNOW: Fired Earth Ceiling Paint goes on pink and dries white, making it easier to see where you have already painted.

Top Tips for Painting a Ceiling

• Put down drop cloths to protect floors from drips and spills.

• Remove as many fittings as possible, for example: light fittings, power outlet and light switch covers.

• Cover up fittings that cannot be removed, or wrap with newspaper and masking take.

• Use an extension rod to reduce arm fatigue while painting.

• Open windows for air circulation. While these paints are low VOC, this also helps with drying time.

• Note that you can't apply water based acrylic over oil-based paints. Find more information on this topic here.

It was my first time using Fired Earth Ceiling Paint and I was very impressed with the results. The ceiling only required two coats, despite the original colour being covered up and the cigarette smoke stains.

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