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Studio apartment that's big on style

Studio apartments always sound so uber-trendy, but the truth is they are really just single room flats that can be difficult to decorate into a space that incorporates cooking - eating - living and sleeping.


This studio apartment takes up 60 square metres (excl bathroom) and manages to integrate all these functions with more than a dash of style and flair.

As you enter this studio apartment you walk straight into the contemporary kitchen that is fitted with a modular island that accommodates a cleaning/prep area, sink and large expanse of countertop. The kitchen island has a built-in dishwasher concealed at the back of the unit, as well as adequate storage space. The main appliances such as microwave and ovens are housed in a separate area and mounted in a stainless steel frame.





Walking into the living area offers a total contrast to the kitchen. The space has been decorated in warm colours and provides more than ample space to sit and relax. A simple yet elegant dining table fits neatly on one side of the space.

The modular dining table allows for an upholstered seating bench on the far side, and upholstered ottomans on the other, both of which can be pushed underneath the table when not in use to free up valuable floor space.

At the far end of the living space a wall divider sections off the sleeping area. The space is large enough for a queen-size bed and bedside table. A partition made from reclaimed timber pallets serves as a screen and also as a place to mount the TV.

On the opposite side of the reclaimed timber pallet screen there is plenty of room for books and accessories as well as a few potted plants.