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DIY galvanised pipe lighting designs

If you're a fan of industrial design, you will love these DIY galvanised pipe lighting designs. Inexpensive to make, you can create your own unique lamps or lights.


Make a modern, industrial style table lamp for your home using a few galvanised pipe fittings. You should be able to buy all the pieces you need from any supplier that stocks galvanised pipe fittings, and it will only take you about an hour tops to assemble.

GOOD TO KNOW: There may be a difference between what's available locally. It's always better to research what flanges, fittings and pipes are available before you start your project.

No fancy tools required for this project - everything can be assembled by hand.

If you like the idea of making your own industrial-style galvanised pipe light fitting, here are more designs that will inspire you.

Use galvanised pipe and fittings to make a wall-mounted pipe lamp. If you prefer to finish off your lamp rather than leave as is, Rust-Oleum have a wide variety of spray paints in colour, metallic or hammered finish that can be easily applied. Find the full range of Rust-Oleum products at Builders Warehouse.

When starting off your project, lay all the pieces out on a large surface, such as a floor, to get an idea of how these will fit together and how your light fitting will be wired up.

GOOD TO KNOW: Wiring has to be done safely and with no joined wires. If in any doubt, consult with an electrician as to the best way to wire up your galvanised pipe light fitting.

This galvanised pipe ceiling light adds an industrial element to a traditional kitchen. You can re-create your own galvanised pipe ceiling light using assorted fittings and pipes.


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