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Old bus becomes comfortable home

In my younger days I had a dream of buying an old bus, preferably a double-decker, and turning it into a home. In my mind  I planned out the layout with a living area on the lower level and a large bedroom above.


I find the idea of turning an old bus into a mini-home quite appealing, and this one is totally off the grid, running on generator power and gas.  

When you think of what it costs to build a granny flat, or add an outdoor extension for one of the kids who isn't quite ready to fly the nest, turning an old bus into living accommodation is not a bad idea. You can rip out the old interior fittings and go to town on kitting out the old bus with all mod cons, or just make use of what you have and kit out in a more rustic or reclaimed style.

The front end of the old bus is just off the small kitchen and has enough space for dining for two. A reclaimed pine plank table and a couple of plastic chairs offer a comfortable dining area. During the summer months an outdoor deck provides space for outdoor dining and entertaining friends.

At the back of the bus the space is taken up with a double bed that also provides extra seating. In between the bedroom area and kitchen built in seating has been added using reclaimed pine planks and custom home made cushions.

A salvaged wood burning stove heats up the living space during winter and uses very little wood due to the open plan and small size.

Cooking in the kitchen is by means of a small camping gas stove built into reclaimed wood cabinets. On the other side of the kitchen a small sink, plumbed into a hose pipe, drains into a gravel bed underneath the bus.

The only thing this home-away-from-home doesn't have is a bathroom. Luckily an outdoor toilet is close at hand, but the design could be altered to accommodate a portable toilet area. Power to the bus is provided by a petrol generator that provides night time lighting, all of which is energy-efficient low voltage.


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