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DIY Lighting Ideas With Strip Lights

There are some great ways to light your home, but one of the most unique ways to add lighting features is using LED strip lighting.



There are plenty of ideas out there for lighting a home, but one of the most unique and practical ways to add light to any room, as well as one of the most affordable in the long run, is using LED strip lights. In this article, we look at some DIY ideas for adding feature or accent lighting, as well as using LED strips for task lighting or making your own light fittings using LED strip lights.



Walk around the lighting section at your local Builders store and you will find a wide selection of strip lighting products. Eurolux also offers a selection of packed LED strip lights in different colours and lengths, most with fitted transformer plugs and self-adhesive backing, that you can use to set up strip lighting in your home or make DIY strip lights. With these products, you can choose the most suitable length for your project, as well as colours, whether it is RGB colours, warm or cool white.






If you are looking to install energy-efficient lighting for your home or need accent or task lighting for a specific purpose, LED provides an easy solution. Their low power input - from as little as 4V for some lights - makes them ideal for areas where you need lighting that stays on most of the time and that won't run up a high electricity bill.

LED strip lights are also a safe lighting option for the home as LED do not generate a lot of heat yet still provide plenty of light, making them ideal for under-cabinet lighting, lighting in or around cupboards or cabinets, cove light and, as many of you will already know, lighting for Christmas trees and outdoor lights.







A previously dark staircase is the perfect place to install a single LED strip light to provide safety and light the way.



Available in pre-cut strip lengths, LED strip lights are small but bright, if you select a reputable brand rather than a cheap brand that might not work as well. What's nice about buying pre-packed LED strip lights with a transformer is that you buy a specific length and trim to fit in a particular area and not have to worry about wiring it up or having to fit a transformer. So, while you might pay a bit more for these if you are worried about how to set everything up in your home, the pre-packed strip lights let you do it with ease.







People tend to overlook LED strip lights as they are unsure of what power supply to use and how to join multiple strips to a power supply.


The self-adhesive backing on the Eurolux pre-packed strip lights also makes it simpler to mount the lights anywhere you want. Simply peel off the backing strip and stick down. The front of the strip where the lights are is usually covered with a layer that protects the lights from condensation (if used in a bathroom, kitchen or laundry),


For those areas where conventional lighting isn't an option, LED strip lights provide a bright solution.


Use LED strip lighting to create a feature in a bathroom. Use them around a circular, square or rectangular mirror.



Now that you know how easy it is to set up and install LED strip lights, why not make your own light feature. All you need is wood for the frame and a pre-packed strip light. We have included a video below that takes you step-by-step through setting up a LED strip light lighting feature.







Make custom strip lighting using a variety of materials, from timber to steel, acrylic to plywood.


Watch the video below for instructions on making a concrete and wood strip light floor standing lamp.



If you are interested in installing LED strip lighting in your home but without using a pre-packed LED light strip with transformer, click here for advice on how to set this up.




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