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Don't have a place to hang your Christmas stockings?

Decorate brightly coloured rubber boots to create fabulous Christmas stockings with a difference - customising them for a fun and contemporary way to deliver gifts from Santa. The decorations can be removed later so the boots revert to their original, more practical state.


You will need:

Dremel Gluegun with clear glue sticks and silver glitter glue sticks
Dremel Versatip with hot blower head
Patterned rubber boots - or plain in bright colours
Fur fabric
Fabric stars
Hot fix stones
Pair of unwanted trousers in coordinating colour
Beaded fringing

Here's how:

Step 1
Establish the point at which the trouser leg is the same circumference as the top of the boot, then mark a line around the trouser leg. Mark a line 17cm below the first line, then cut along the lines to create the cuff section. Repeat to cut out a similar cuff from the other leg of the trousers.

Step 2
Turn the cuff section inside out then fold up a 1cm turning around the lower edge and glue it in place using the Dremel Gluegun and clear glue. Glue beaded braid around the lower inside edge of the cuff. Turn right side out and glue braid around the lower edge of the cuff approximately 5mm up from the hem. Place the cuff in position on the boot so that approximately 1.5cm extends above the upper edge of the boot. Use the glue gun and clear glue to secure the cuff at the top of the boot, folding over the 1.5cm turning and gluing it in place on the inside of the boot. Repeat on the other boot.

Step 3
Apply a line of clear glue around the top edge of the boot using the Dremel Gluegun and stick a 7cm wide strip of fur fabric around the boot, aligning the upper edges and trimming them so they meet neatly at the back.

Step 4
Fit the Gluegun with a silver glitter glue stick and run decorative lines of glue around the boot on either side of the braid.

Step 5
Use the Dremel Versatip with hot blower head, set to its lowest heat setting, to apply hot-fix stones on the outer side of each cuff, then glue fabric stars in-between the hot fix gems.

Step 6
Finish by using the Gluegun to apply lines of silver glitter glue from the ends of the outer stars to resemble shooting stars. Repeat to finish the second boot.


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