Where to buy upholstery supplies

A question that always pops up at our DIY Workshops, especially when doing upholstery projects, is where to buy upholstery supplies. There are several tools and accessories that make upholstery easier and provide a more professional finish. So here are some upholstery accessories, supplies and tools that you will definitely find useful.


Securing fabric panels and edges when re-upholstering and making your own upholstery project can be tricky, but these supplies make the task much easier...

1. PVC piping and trim

2. Tack tite strip

3. Easy curves

4. Tacks

When re-upholstering a chair that has lost it's bounce or has a broken spring, you can repair by using the following...

1. Flat spring

2. Tension spring

3. Spring clip

4. Webbing

For finishing off and adding detail to a re-upholstery of upholstery project you can use a variety of accessories and supplies...

1. Upholstery strips

2. Upholstery nails

3. Handled tufting tool

4. Staple remover

You will be able to locally source a large selection of upholstery supplies on Google.