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Win a trip to space with Dremel

Here's your chance to be one of the first space tourists to see Earth from an altitude of over 100km. Dremel are looking for craft and DIY enthusiasts who have the imagination to create a unique craft or DIY project using Dremel tools.

To celebrate the launch of the new Dremel Micro multi tool, Dremel is running the competition in two parts. Phase one runs from September to October 2014, and asks that entrants upload their project images to prove their creativity. To be eligible for the prize, entrants are required to upload several photos of their spaceships to the competition website throughout the construction process. The winning entry in this phase of the competition will be awarded a new Dremel Micro multi tool.

The winner will also represent South Africa in the second phase of the competition that takes place in November 2014 -  with the ultimate prize of being one of the world’s first space tourists. The entire space trip will take one hour, and the winner will get to travel 100km into space at a speed of Mach 2,9, while experiencing 4G forces and five minutes of weightless flight, before re-entry.

In keeping with the space theme, stage two of the competition requires entrants to create and build a miniature spaceship using the Dremel Micro. Entrants are allowed to select their own design and materials used for the spaceship.





The Dremel Micro is suitable for most cutting, sanding, grinding, engraving and polishing tasks. The lightweight tools weighs only 250g, and features a circular LED light around the housing head, which ensures that the user has can work with precision, even in badly lit areas.

In addition, the rotation speed of the tool head can be easily adjusted to the ideal setting for a specific application. When the task is complete, the Dremel Micro can be stored in the battery charger, which ensures that it is always ready for use.

The final winner of the Dremel Micro competition will be announced no later than 15 December 2014.


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