Sew up a trio of playhouse tents

These three playhouse tents are made using a PVC pipe frame (source at your local Builders Warehouse), a circular table and a couple of tension rods. The fabric is scraps from duvet covers, sheets and fabric offcuts, which means they cost practically nothing to make. All that's required is your sewing skills, some time on your hands, and a little patience.

Lier at ikat bag surprised each of her three young daughters with their own play tent. The first tent shown here is wrapped around a PVC pipe frame, and you will find all the pipes at connectors at your local Builders Warehouse. Using fabric scraps and odd bits and pieces of fabric found at yard sales, this beautiful little blue play tent requires only basic sewing skills, and lots of time and patience.

PVC pipes and connectors can be used to create a frame for the tent, which can be left unglued if you want to be able to store the tent when not in use, or glued together with Tangit PVC glue. The fabric cover for the tent is then made to fit onto whatever size frame you have.





The second tent that she made is a pavillion tent, which is actually just a circular table with dowels and fabric arranged to create the spire on top. The sections on top fold back to reveal a storage section for toys. Again, fabric picked up at garage and yard sales cut down on the cost of buying new fabric.

The third tent uses tension rods to create a frame for the fabric to be thrown over the top to create a hallway or tent that can be set up in a passage. Rod pockets on the wrong side of the fabric allow the tension rods to be easily inserted. You should be able to buy tension rods at your local Builders Warehouse, or get in touch with the manufacturer to find your closest supplier.