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Make weights for a tablecloth

We have more than our fair share of windy weather and windy days can cause havoc if you are entertaining outdoors. One easy solution is to hang weights along the edge of a tablecloth to keep it in place. Here is how to use ordinary pebbles to make decorative weights for a tablecloth.

Use thin-gauge wire and a pair of pliers to wrap around the pebble. You will need to wrap from the front to the back - as you would wrap ribbon around a present - and then spin the ends together.

Make sure that each piece of wire is long enough to twist a long piece for attaching to a crocodile clip.

Wrap the twisted end firmly around a crocodile clip.

You should be able to find these clips at fabric stores, particularly those that specialise in curtaining.

And there you have it...!





More ideas for tablecloth weights

If you love to collect seashells you can also use larger shells as tablecloth weights. Use a Dremel MultiTool or Drill/Driver to drill a 2mm hole in the shell to allow for insertion of the crocodile clip ring. You may need to open the ring wider with a pair of pliers.

Monkey's fist knots are a fabulous way to create table weights for the tablecloth. You can use coloured cord, cotton string or twine to create a monkey's fist knot, and you will find plenty of instructions and tutorials on the Internet.