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Mock stained glass window

Some self-adhesive vinyl, glass stain or Rust-Oleum paint pens and liquid lead are all that you need to create your own stained glass window.

1. Cut out contact self-adhesive squares to the size of the windows.

2. Place the squares over your design and use liquid lead to create an outline - it's almost like icing a cake. Let dry overnight.

3. Use liquid glass or Rust-Oleum paint pens to paint inside the lead lines and leave this to dry.

You can mix up the colours while still wet using a toothpick. This provides a nice effect and creates more dimension to the design.

4. Peel off the backing and place the top of the self-adhesive vinyl against the glass. Slowly peel off the backing, pressing along the vinyl to ensure that there are no air bubbles as you apply.


Use a pin to pop any bubbles, and gently scrape with your finger nail to push air out of the pin hole.

5. Apply liquid lead around the outside of the vinyl for a more realistic finished effect.


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