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Decorative serving tray

In this project, we transform an old cabinet door into an elegant serving tray. We designed a classic white tray with black detailing, but you can choose any colours.

You will need:

Cupboard door
Acrylic craft paint - black
Rust-Oleum Painters Touch - black
Prominent Paint Satin or Sheen - white
Handles and screws
4 Felt pads
Wood filler
180-grit sandpaper
Pencil, eraser and ruler
Drill/driver and wood bit (to size of handle screws)
Artists paint brush

Here's how:

1. Fill any previously drilled holes with wood filler; sand and paint the door with 2 coats of satin or sheen. Allow drying time between coats. The paint must be fully dry before you draw on it.

2. Draw your pattern with pencil and then start painting over the lines. Work top to bottom, left to right (if you’re right-handed), so you don’t smear the paint. Apply thickly so you will only need one coat. Let dry for several hours. Erase any stray pencil marks when dry.

3. Attach felt pads on the bottom at each corner.

4. Measure, mark, and drill the holes for your handles. Screw on the handles and you’re done!

If you want additional protection, apply two coats of a waterbased polyurethane or acrylic sealer.


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