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Create your own moulds using recycled plastic milk containers

When I originally stumbled upon this project to recycle plastic milk bottles and make moulds using vacuum forming, I thought it was great. A second look and I realised that you could use this process to make your own moulds for using with plaster of paris,  liquid rubber, candle wax or melt down and re-use soap.


The uses for a DIY plastic vacuum forming are endless, as long as you have a blank or item to copy you can vacuum form almost anything. Make plastic-formed masks with the kids, melt down old soap into shapes for your bathroom or as gifts, craft wonderful candles, and something I want to try is to make moulds for decorative embellishments for furniture projects.

You can even use a DIY vacuum forming machine to make moulds for concrete for garden stepping stones. You only need to buy one ready-made stepping stone to create your own moulds.

You can use a DIY vacuum forming machine to create your own range of unique furniture or accessories. Since the principle of vacuum forming requires a basic airtight box, the more powerful the vacuum - the bigger the box.

The process itself is simple:

1. Make an airtight box with small holes drilled in the top and a larger hole to allow you to insert a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

2. Construct a frame that will fit on top of the box and also allow you to staple cut plastic milk bottles onto the frame.

3. Have an item that you want to use for creating a mould.

4. Use a heat gun on low setting to melt the plastic and create the mould.

There are hundreds of videos on You Tube, but only a few that don't waffle on for hours about this and that. If you want to give vacuum forming a try, here are a few videos that are practical and easy to understand:






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