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Make these easy rope coasters

Every since I bought a few rolls of rope I have been looking for creative ways to use it up. There are quite a few projects posted in the Craft and Decor - Lighting sections, but here's an easy project Valley and Co Lifestyle that uses can lids and rope to make coasters.


Place a big bead of hot glue in the centre of the lid. Work quickly before the glue has time to set. If you are using a Dremel Hot Glue Gun you can set on 'hot' and this gives you more time to play around, as the glue takes longer to set.

Wind your rope around and around the lid, gluing as you move in a circular motion. Glue down the end of the rope so that it sits flush with the edge of the lid and snip off the excess with scissors. You could burn the edges so that it doesn’t fray if you have a plastic rope, but gluing works well.

And if you're wondering how you can use the bottom of the can...


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