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Decorative plate using air-dry clay

Air-dry clay is so easy to use for a wide variety of projects, and this decorative plate is a quick and easy project. With Mother's Day not too far away I thought it would be nice to share this project by sodapop design, as it would make a nice gift for mom. A nice finishing option for this clay plate is to spray with Rust-Oleum Universal metallics to add a touch of glitz to your decor.


Air-dry clay
Rolling pin
Flat, smooth board for rolling
Small bowl
Acrylic craft paint, white
Acrylic sealer, clear






1. Using a rolling pin, roll out your clay. You want a thickness of about 3mm to 4mm, but thick enough so that it easy to handle. Work quickly so that the clay does not have time to dry out.

2. Place the doily off-centre over the rolled clay and roll over this gently with the rolling pin. Don't press too hard - you want to lightly impress the doily into the surface of the clay. Lift up one end of the doily to slowly remove.

3. Use a plate as a template for cutting out the circle shape using a sharp craft knife.

4. To give the clay its curved shape wipe the inside of a small bowl with vaseline. Carefully place the clay inside the bowl so that the ends curve. You may find that some pleats form around the edges and these can be smoothed away with a wet fingertip. Leave in the bowl until the clay has dried completely and then gently lift out.

5. Sand any rough edges with 180-grit sandpaper before painting with two coats of white acrylic craft paint. For added protection, apply two coats of clear acrylic sealer.