Crafty projects

Transform everyday home items to serve as unique and fun lighting.




Tin can luminaries

These punched-tin lanterns add a folk-art touch to the garden and are fun and easy to create.




Wine cork trivet

Recycle your wine corks into a trivet for your dining room table - for all your hot dishes.




Delicate plant holders

To help preserve the environment, we can equip our homes with energy-saving light bulbs. Here is an opportunity to recycle old light bulbs into trendy hanging vases.



Recycled fairy lights

These recycled cardboard cups offer an unusual texture and soft colours that, with minimal skills, can be turned into a vine of light-emitting morning glory. For this project, use LED lights only.



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Can lights

I always enjoy my cup of joe in the morning, but when it comes to recycling the coffee cans, I had to figure out something new to do with them. They have such a great look and are built so well, I was determined to find them another purpose.



Repurpose a stepladder

There are many unique ways to repurpose old ladders. If you have an old ladder at the bottom of the garden, tacking up space in a garage, or tucked out of sight at the back of hut, here are some ways to turn this part-time helper into a full-time organizer.



Recycled candle holders

I have a real affinity for trash-to-treasure projects, especially recycling projects. This project shows how to make decorative votive containers from plastic bottles and aluminium cans.



Recycle a shoe box

Dress up a cardboard box to hide all your cellphone charger cables




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Recycled flower caddy

Instead of throwing out empty cans - use them to create our flower caddy




Recycled crafts

From time to time, whilst endlessly browsing the Internet, I come across some truly genuine ideas for recycling items in the home. These are just some of the projects that I have stumbled across, and I will be adding many more.



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