More ways to use wine corks

As a wine loving nation, the main South African pastime is, of course, drinking wine, but with a little effort and creativity, you can get a lot of enjoyment from reusing the wine corks and transforming them into useful items for around your home.


Reclaimed timber coat rack

With all the projects floating around that use reclaimed timber pallets, I'm thinking that these are going to be very hard to come by. So, instead of using timber pallets you can also use any reclaimed wood that you can get your hands on.


Timber pallet garden day bed

Who doesn't enjoy finding a shady spot in the garden to read a good book. This garden day bed is made up entirely from reclaimed timber pallets, joined together and topped off with a covered foam cushion


Furniture ideas using reclaimed timber

You know I love to reuse, recycle and repurpose because I mention it so often. In our modern times when everything is plastic, being able to discover beautiful wood and timber pieces is a joy.


Unique way to use plastic spoons

We are getting more and more inventive with ideas for repurposing plastic waste. Found on the Internet, this is a fun way to use plastic spoons to create a pendant light.



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Autumn home decor picture frame

As the trees start to shed their leaves you can pick up or break off a few small branches from trees in the garden to create a live picture for hanging on the wall.



Fun home recycling projects

There are so many ways to reuse, recycle and repurpose and have fun at the same time. I have selected a couple of great recycling projects that use a variety of household items that normally get thrown out.


Yoghurt container becomes vintage flower pot

Before throwing anything away these days, I try to think of ways items can be upcycled, reused and repurposed. This time it's a yoghurt container that is upcycled into a vintage flower pot.



Upcycle bamboo blind into modern lamp shade

Don't throw out your old bamboo blinds - take them apart and use them to makeover a dated lamp or pendant shade for a contemporary look. Isabella and Max Rooms shows you how easy it is to do this project easily and quickly.


Use twigs and branches for furniture and decor

Having previously cut some large branches off a Silver Birch, I am always looking for ways to use these in and around the home. It seems such a pity to let the wood go to waste when it could be used for something else.


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Recycle plastic tubs and containers

What a great way to recycle ice cream containers or plastic tubs - cover them with old patterns and add bright bows for storing all your patterns.



Decor in a can

As you know, I'm always looking for great ways to recycle, and this project puts tin cans to use as attractive plant holders for a kitchen windowsill or side table.



How to make plastic roses

I have seen roses made from plastic spoons on the Internet and often wondered how easy they would be to make. Well, I can tell you now that they are super easy and look absolutely gorgeous. The picture doesn't do the finished flower justice!


Keepsake or trinket box from tin can

I have been promising myself to try some metal working for ages, but just never seemed to find the time to get round to it. The opportunity finally presented itself today when wondering what I could make with an empty coffee can.


So many ways to use fabric scraps

If you have odds and scraps of fabric at home, we've come across so many unique and wonderful ways to use fabric scraps.



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Transform junk into furniture

I recently stumbled upon Funky Junk Interiors during one of my many forays on the Internet. Anyone interested in serious recycling will be amazed at some of the great projects they have on their website.


Makeover an old coffee table

I love making over an old piece. It gives it new life, new potential and in doing so, can totally change the look of a space.



Architectural elements as art

Add a one-of-a-kind decoration to your bedroom: Hang an interesting, salvaged object on the wall as art in just a few simple steps. Search architectural salvage, flea markets and thrift stores for an interesting item.


Uses for buttons

Many of us have piles of buttons that have been collected over the years. Here are some projects that I have come across that use buttons in unique and wonderful ways.



Jewellery hanger

Recycle wooden coat hangers into practical jewellery hangers - and never have to untangle again!



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Recycled tin cans for potted plant display

Recycle old paint or coffee tins into attractive plant holders that can be hung in the garden to decorate a plain wall.



Colourful containers

Grow your own wheatgrass in colourful recycled cans on the kitchen counter or other sunny spot. Wheatgrass likes plenty of light, but not direct sunlight.



Recycle old LP's

I saw this idea on the Internet some time ago and thought that it was a great way to recycle all my old LP's stacked in huge piles at the bottom of a cupboard. OK, so LP's might not be what they are called these days... so let's recycle old vinyl's!



Pallet shoe rack

Love this project ! How easy to make a quick and easy storage rack for next to the kitchen door for muddy shoes, or painted in bright colours for a bedroom.



Cardboard chandelier

Here's a way to use cardboard boxes to make chandeliers for your home - affordable too!




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Simple recycling projects

Take time out to try some of these simple recycling projects with items you'll find in and around the home.



Recycle newspaper

You can make these adorable flowers with newspaper and buttons.




Recycled wine holder

Use tins cans of different sizes to create a nifty recycle wine rack for a bar counter or kitchen counter top.



Revamp an old door into a message centre

After hesitating over painting the wood, I bit the bullet. The wood grain was so beautiful but somehow it wasn't t old enough to be cool. So, black it is!



Recycled tin can lamp shades

I came across these wonderful light shades made by recycling aluminium tin cans and thought that this was a great idea for a DIY craft project. Out came my Dremel MultiTool to see how easy it would be.



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