Make beautiful flowers with an egg carton

Recycling egg cartons is a fun project that mom or kids can do. If the kids are bored during the school holidays, stock pile some egg cartons to keep them busy.



Recycle polystyrene trays and egg cartons

Make these flowers out of polystyrene trays or egg cartons and then use them to decorate gifts, or add to a decorative border around a frame.



Re-purpose an old cot or crib

No need to pack away or toss out that old cot or crib, the Internet is full of ways to transform an old cot or crib into practical furniture. We have stumbled upon a cot or crib that becomes a desk, a cot that is transformed into a day bed, and a crib that easily converts into a bench.


Uses for old or reclaimed window frames

Here are some DIY projects that use reclaimed window frames. My favourite is how to make a beautiful wall hanging with colourful watering cans filled with Portulaca in jewel colours. Hang it on the wall or fence, or close to your patio, for a brilliant splash of fun colour.


Toilet roll holders make great gift boxes

Start collecting... Repurpose toilet roll holders and cardboard tubes into gift containers for Christmas presents, birthdays or special occasions. Embellished with trim, ribbons and bows, cardboard toilet roll holders cost nothing and look gorgeous once finished.


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How to make continuous t-shirt yarn

An easy way to cut a continuous length of t-shirt yarn and then join together long lengths of t-shirt yarn in an almost invisible way.



Salvage repurposed

Whether you get your salvaged goods from a salvage yard, or out of someone else's skip -- yes, I have done that! -- you will find amazing ways to repurpose salvaged building materials on the Internet.


Reuse or repurpose plastic milk bottles

There are so many creative ideas on the Internet on how to repurpose or reuse plastic milk bottles. While some go beyond ridiculous, there are a few that I would definitely make use of in my own home.


Reuse or repurpose old with a new coat of paint

Sometimes all you need is a can of paint and you can transform dated or mismatched decor accessories easily and quickly.



Candy stand from repurposed plastic bottles

I have a pile of cut plastic bottles that I regularly play with to think up ideas to use them, and this one just popped into my head. I think it would be perfect for a party table or special occasion, and could be used to display sweets or snacks.


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Reclaimed timber flower boxes

There are so many ways to use reclaimed timber, whether from old fencing, pallets or scrap that is lying around. Old timber has an aged look and texture that is perfect for making a flower box or flower container.


Amazing ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle

Here are just a few ideas that I have stumbled upon on the Internet. So many ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle everyday household waste in crafty and unique ways. Makes you want to stop and think before you throw something away!


Use plastic spoons for decorative mirror frame

Here's another wonderful idea for repurposing plastic spoons... into a funky mirror frame. You can have mirror circles cut to any size and then glue cut plastic spoons around the mirror. For this project don't buy plastic spoons, rather reuse spoons after an event or celebration.


Preserve jars as unique pendant lamps

I truly believe it s possible to get custom lighting without breaking the bank. The key is designing your own shade using canning or preserve jars.



Repurpose plastic spoons into decorative clock

I am still always on the lookout for ways to repurpose or reuse plastic and this chrysanthemum clock is such a funky way to put plastic spoons to use as a decorative clock. The clock itself is a cheapie that you can buy at almost any home decor store.


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Timber pallets become practical garden furniture

One crafty reader transforms timber pallets into attractive patio furniture. Samantha Klein was lucky enough to stumble upon plenty of timber pallets for her repurposed patio furniture.



The art of recycling

Eric Barclay likes to create fun, whimsical illustrations and designs. His style is heavily influenced by the graphic design and modern-style cartoons from the 1950s through the late 1960s.


Pallet garden chair

Just to show you how easy it is to make basic garden furniture using a timber pallet, here is how Paola made her chairs for entry into our Craft Challenge.



A mini greenhouse using cd cases

You know I love projects that repurpose household waste in new ways, and I was blown away by Mega Crafty's unique way of using CD cases to make a mini greenhouse. I think it's awesome that we are being inspired to recycle and repurpose in such amazing ways!


Make jute, sisal, twine or cotton rope mats and rugs

Instead of buying rugs or mats, here's a way to make your own rugs or mats using natural, affordable materials that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. These gorgeous mats are made of jute, twine, sisal or cotton and are easy to make.


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More ideas for recycling plastic bottles

When I came up with the idea of using plastic cold drink bottles for tea, coffee and sugar canisters, so many other ideas popped into my head that I just had to give them all a try. This one repurposes plastic bottles into piggy or cow saving banks.


Plastic bottles for tea, coffee & sugar canisters

Don't know if I am the first the come up with this idea, but I thought of another great way to recycle and repurpose plastic bottles... into tea, coffee and sugar containers. If you cut them just right, they are also airtight as well.


Repurpose an old cabinet

Here is a perfect example of how you can so easily repurpose ugly furniture into a beautiful piece at very little cost. A roll of wood grain self-adhesive vinyl is cut out to a flower design and applied to the painted unit.


Repurpose louvre doors or pine shutters

Louvre pine doors and old shutters can be repurposed into a variety of decor accessories, but my favourite by far is to repurpose louvre pine doors or shutters into a feature headboard.



Handmade rag rugs

For these rag rugs, the design focus blends modern lines and colour with a child safe, eco-conscious, family friendly sensibility.



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Chandelier made of plastic bottles

Michelle Brand repurposes plastic in ways you would never believe, but this is my favourite by far. Making this chandelier from plastic bottles is extremely easy and the end result is stunning.



Floor lamp made from plastic bottles

Every time I hold a piece of plastic household waste in my hands, I first check the plastics code on the base and then try to think up ways to use it, or repurpose it into something else.



A plastic shopping bag from plastic shopping bags

Just finished my new plastic shopping bag made from old plastic shopping bags! I recently posted a project using my DIY super-large crochet hook and the whole idea behind designing the hook was to be able to make a shopping bag with plastic bags.


Make safety glasses from plastic bottles

I came across this idea on Make. It's another great way to repurpose and recycle plastic bottles into a safety shield or safety glasses for when using an angle grinder or cutting metal and tile, etc.


Recycle and repurpose wine crates

We have done quite a few projects using recycled pallets and it got me to thinking about... Hey, we're South African, so what about recycling wine crates! After all, we are a wine-loving country that produces the best wines in the world.


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