Not your average DIY lighting designs

The imagination knows no bounds when you take a look at some of these unusual, yet handmade lighting designs. Who would believe that you could make a chandelier out of paperclips, or ballpoint pens!


Our favourite sunburst mirror designs

Over the past couple of years I have seen hundreds of ideas for sunburst mirrors and they continue to pop up. When you look at how much it costs to buy a sunburst mirror, looking a inexpensive ways to make your own is the way to go.


Make a garden swing bed

Summer is almost here, and what better way to spend time outdoors than relaxing in a swing bed. This swing bed is made from reclaimed timber pallets, but you can make out of any reclaimed timber - or even make one from scratch using PAR pine.


Turn an old tyre into a rope covered ottoman

This rope tyre ottoman project has been round the block a few times but the end results are definitely improving. This rope tyre ottoman, or even the rope tyre table, would definitely look good in a lounge.


A fresh welcome for spring

Add a fresh welcome to your home and brighten up for spring with this aromatic lemon wreath made from recycled toilet roll tubes.



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Wind chime from recycled tins

Here's a great way to make a unique wind chime using recycled cans and spoons and painting in your favourite colour. Hang them on the patio or in your garden.



One-of-a-kind coffee tables for reclaimed timber

These coffee tables can be considered as one-of-a-kind, as no two pieces of timber look exactly the same. All the coffee table designs below are made using salvaged or reclaimed timber.


Beautiful home accents from junk

Sometimes the most innocuous piece of junk can be transformed into a beautiful decor piece for a home. Anything from old shutters and doors, to parquet flooring blocks, gets used in practical ways to create unique home decor and accent pieces.


Cardboard furniture is here to stay

Cardboard furniture has been around for many years, but has recently gained a lot of popularity due to the focus the world is putting on sustainable living.



Use leftover tiles to make a chalkboard

I like the idea of using leftover tiles from a project to make these easy chalkboards. The kids can use them for drawing, you can mount onto the wall as mini notice boards or as decor accessories. Grab a can of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint and let's get started...


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Repurpose cardboard boxes

Decorate cardboard boxes with fabric, wrapping paper or faux leather to create an attractive display that's also useful for storage. I like to collect shoe boxes and packing boxes and then re-use them, and covering them up means you can put them on display.


Reclaimed timber kitchen island

There are plenty of projects where you can use reclaimed timber in useful ways, and there are many sources of reclaimed timber. In this project you can make a kitchen island or convenient table for the kitchen.


Reclaimed timber for contemporary design

Reclaimed timber can be repurposed into fencing and furniture, and timber pallets provide the perfect opportunity for even those unskilled at DIY to give it a try. But Sascha Akkermann takes it one step further... creating contemporary furniture using timber pallets.


What can you make with nespresso foil cups?

I'm sure you've all seen - and drooled over - the Nespresso ads on TV featuring George Clooney, and recycling nespresso foil containers is the latest craze to appear for recycling crafts. Those little containers can be used in so many wonderful ways. Here are just a few...


From whisks into pendant lights

We recently featured an article that showed how to use a kitchen colander as a pendant light, but this design definitely takes the cake...! Seks design recently featured whisk-y lights as part of a London display - and these pendant lights are made using whisks.


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Recycle CD's into closet clothes dividers

This is such an simple project that makes it easier to find clothes and is a great idea since we don't have these closet dividers available locally.



Things to make with old sweaters and jumpers

So, you were digging out all your old sweaters and jerseys and discovered that fishmoths had feasted on them, leaving them looking like fishnet rather than cable knit. Don't throw them out just yet...


New and unique ways to recycle tins and cans

There are hundreds of ideas for using aluminium or tin cans, but I wanted to put together a collection of recycling projects that are unique, yet still practical and can easily be done. After scouring literally hundreds of sites, I came across these wonderful ideas...


Repurpose cigarette boxes

So you haven't yet kicked the habit. Well, you might as well make use of empty cigarette boxes. This project shows how to repurpose cigarette boxes into nifty parking slots for toy cars.


Reclaimed pallets for bedside table

Here's the first entry for this year's Bosch Home Improvement Competition submitted by Joanne Thompson. This is another project that uses reclaimed timber pallets, this time to make two bedside tables.


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Recycled cardboard tubes for serviette rings

These serviette rings are perfect for your dining table, or if you have a special event coming up. They are made from cardboard tubes wrapped in fabric.



Amazing candle holder with recycled tins

I found this project on a Hungarian website and immediately loved the look of this unique way of hanging tea candles - and recycling small cat food cans as well.



Dress up glass jars and containers

Empty container jars looking wonderful as storage containers when dressed up with decorative lids. Glue fancy buttons onto jar lids and then spray with Rust-Oleum Universal metallics spray paints.


WINNER: Craft Challenge

Samantha Klein recycled wooden pallets into a practical and much needed outdoor patio area for her home. We think that Samantha deserves the prize of a Dremel Tool Hamper, which I am sure will be put to good use.


Create a miniature terrarium

I think these light bulb terrariums are really cute. They don't take up a lot of room and don't require a lot of care... perfect for me! It's also a great way to recycle incandescent light bulbs. Here's how to make your own light bulb terrarium.


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Aluminium can tab bracelet

Popping up everywhere, aluminium can tab bracelets sell at prices ranging from R50 upwards to R200 depending on the design. Aluminium can tab bracelets are easy to make and it's a great idea for starting a home-based business if you are looking to bring in a bit of extra cash.


20 uses for Mason jars

Who knew that Mason jars could be so useful. We know they are perfect for canning fruits, but here are some great ideas for repurposing Mason jars in other ways.



Paper cup Christmas star

These water-cooler paper cups are great for making a Christmas star and you can leave them white, as below, or spray them with Rust-Oleum Universal metallic spray in pure gold or titanium silver.


Old headboards become a daybed

What to do with a pair of headboards picked up at a bargain price? These solid Imbuia headboards are to valuable to ignore and it's amazing to see what can actually be done with a pair of old headboards.


DIY small table for garden or patio

I love this small whitewashed table. It would be nice for in the garden or on the deck for relaxing on cushions or a blanket.



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