Easy DIY pelmet

You don't need any sewing skills or power tools to make this quick and easy pelmet. It's made from corrugated cardboard!



Make your own inexpensive vases

Inexpensive glasses are transformed into vases with a simple wrap of handmade paper or crepe wrapping paper.



Funky capiz table lamp

Sometimes a 'bright' idea can happen when you look at the price tag of a designer lamp that costs over R1000, and you think to yourself   "Wow, I could easily make that!"



Update old furniture

Wallpaper is experiencing a radical resurgence - and its application is not limited to walls alone; give tired pieces of furniture new life with a contemporary facelift.



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Make a sunburst mirror

There are so many ways to make a sunburst mirror, but this has to be the easiest and most affordable way.



Revamp old furniture

Furniture is so expensive these days, and we are all trying to do our bit for the environment, so here are some great, fun ways to revamp old furniture.



Get crafty with art

This is a great beginner’s project and is a quick and affordable way of getting beautiful artwork on the walls in no time! The French handwritten background adds a unique charm to this fun project.



Finish off raw pine shelves

If you use unfinished pine for shelving and want an attractive finish, use hessian or rough canvas sheets to wrap around the shelves and apply a stain and sealer in your choice of wood tint.



How to make your own stencils

Watch this step-by-step video and see just how easy it is!




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Gilded pebbles

Gold or copper leaf is surprisingly affordable and when used with double-sided adhesive film or tape, it's really easy to use.



Make potpourri and container

Potpourri is a blend of aromatic dried flowers gathered in season to fill the house with pleasant summer fragrances year-round.



Add privacy to a window

Very often it can be difficult to dress a small window with shades or blinds. Here's an easy way to add privacy to a small window, without blocking out natural light. Use Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass spray.



Restore wrought iron

A neighbour asked for advice on her wrought iron panels on the outside walls of her home. After two years outdoors they were starting to rust and leave messy streaks on the walls.



Make a topiary

Topiaries have a special appeal, whether large or small, an impact a sophisticated element in an decorating scheme.



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Funky twine shades

Create your own instant lampshades with an old ball and some string. These string lights are perfect for a kids bedroom or teen room.



Make a designer mirror

You don't need to be a do-it-yourself expert to tackle this project. All you need are a few mirror tiles, some timber and board, and a few basic tools and accessories to make this stunning framed mirror for your home.



Organised craft space

If you're lucky enough to have a separate craft room you've probably got plenty of space to get yourself and your supplies organised. But for a craft room that shares its space, you need to cleverly arrange everything for easy access, quick tidying and stylish looks.



Eco storage container

There are so many uses for Xanita X-Board - an eco friendly alternative to conventional board products.



How to decoupage on furniture

Learn how easy it is to decorate your furniture with decoupage.



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