Repurpose a stepladder

There are many unique ways to repurpose old ladders. If you have an old ladder at the bottom of the garden, tacking up space in a garage, or tucked out of sight at the back of hut, here are some ways to turn this part-time helper into a full-time organizer.



Garden lights

Recycle empty glass jars and add pizzazz to a summer patio with hanging candle lights. Suspended from hooks or branches, these easy, solar-powered candle lights will add sparkle to the garden by day and illuminate a pathway by night.



Knock-off mirrors

I have been a little obsessed with mirrors lately, especially round mirrors. I love them! You can expect to pay a small fortune for ready-made designs, but here's how to make your own on the cheap!



Cardboard chandelier

Here's a way to use cardboard boxes to make chandeliers for your home - affordable too!




Herb terrarium

No room in the garden? Grow your herbs indoors on a sunny windowsill or countertop.




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Easy picture frames

These photo frames are cheap and don't require mats. The pictures were printed off and glued onto chipboard. I don't have to worry about ruining a nice photo without any glass.



Fabric wrapped hangers

Add personality and style to plastic coat hangers and wrap them in fabric.




Recover dated dining chairs

Don't throw out those chairs - reupholster them in a trendy fabric !




Recycle what you have

Take a look around your home and you will probably find items that can easily be recycled into practical furniture or accessories.



How to use etching cream

Use etching cream to give new life and new purpose to empty glass bottles.




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Wall art with ceiling medallions

Ceiling medallions are so pretty - such great architectural detail - I thought they would be nice to display somewhere other than the ceiling; somewhere more at eye level. How about the wall?



Reader project

Dress up a lampshade and 'bling' new life to a room !




Reader project

An old table gets a new purpose - displaying favourite photos.




Cup cake stand

Got a special occasion coming up? Make this cup cake stand in an hour or two.




Easy cake stand

Use everyday items to create a unique cake stand - or make your own from scraps !




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Make your own cement plant pots

Here are a selection of planters that you can make using regular plastics for the outer mould and the plastic container that houses the plant from the nursery



Framed antique mirror

I love stuff that is worn and weathered. I think antique mirrors are so fun. But they can be hard to find and pretty expensive. Here's how to make a wall mirror with an antique twist.



Sandblasted glass

Use self-adhesive vinyl to create a faux sandblasted effect on glass doors.




Make a table lamp from a wine bottle

Wine bottles make lovely table lamps and won't cost you an arm and a leg. All you need is a decorative shade and a few accessories to finish it off.



Use buttons for glitzy decor accessory

Here's a way to use all those leftover buttons and trinkets and put them on display in your home.



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