Make your own designer rug

This project uses two different types of carpet; one a short pile and the other a long pile. Both types can be purchased fairly cheap as rugs, but even cheaper if you have some carpets lying around that you can use.


Make this jewel-tree for your jewellery

A well dried out branch makes the perfect jewellery hanger for necklaces. We're calling this our jewel-tree, and all you need is a well dried out branch.



Make your own rope bowl or basket

I love this rope bowl, it's so stylish and great and totally fits into my décor! It is just so neutral but adds so much – and I know it will add to any room in your house too, and only costs as much as a roll of twine or rope.


Make a designer fractal mirror

I keep coming across these unique mirrors in my searches throughout the Internet, longingly wondering if they would ever reach our shores. But then I realised,   "Why Wait?" So I decided to tackle this as a project for everyone to do... enjoy!


Easy wall clock

This fun clock is full of possibilities. Leave it as it is for fun or glue on wood pieces, apply chalkboard paint, affix buttons, leave it natural - or add decoration



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Revamp an old table

Self-adhesive vinyl is a fun way to add detail to a plain coffee or side table. And when you want a change you can simply peel it off and stick on another design.



Make a multi panel mirror

You don't need to be a do-it-yourself expert to tackle this project. All you need are a few mirror tiles, some timber and board, and a few basic tools and accessories to make this stunning framed mirror for your home.


Easy to make votive candles

A fun and easy project with a beautiful payoff. Learn how to make these votive candles with water-filled balloons.



Decorative vase with eggshell mosaic

You can use so many materials for mosaic projects, and in this one, Crafts by Amanda uses coloured eggshells to turn an empty plastic container into a colourful vase. Who knew that you could recycle eggshells in such a creative way.


Make an orb light

Make this orb light shade using bamboo strips - taken from a bamboo blind that you can find at most home stores.


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Paint a rug with spray paint!

I recently came across a post where a rug was painted with a stencil design. Having used my Rust-Oleum spray paints on fabric and furniture, there's no reason why you can't use it on rugs and mats as well.


Makeover an old coffee table

I love making over an old piece. It gives it new life, new potential and in doing so, can totally change the look of a space.



Repurpose an old stepladder

Recycling an old stepladder is a great storage idea for a bathroom towel hanging rack, or for having a few decor accessories on display, or even a decorative shelf for your lounge or bedroom. Now all you have to do is find an old stepladder!


Tree baubles make a light

If you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and don't want to put away the decorations just yet, here's a stunning ceiling light made from transparent tree baubles. When switched on the light illuminates the baubles and casts a wonderful glow around the room.


Easy cake or biscuit display stand

Use colourful plates and a few supplies to make this colourful biscuit or cup cake display stand. You can get lovely plates at Mr Price Home, and at a very affordable price too!



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Decorative nail head trim

A secondhand cabinet gets a new life with paint and nail head finish, and becomes a practical drinks cabinet.



Make a spice rack

Use this rack to present your spices in style – they look as if they’re floating. And, of course, everything you need to cook is quickly within reach.



Dress up a dresser

Use wrapping paper or wallpaper and paint to dress up a boring dresser or chest of drawers.




Add style to furniture

We've used self-adhesive vinyl for quite a few crafty projects on Home-Dzine - see below - and this is one more project that you can try.



Antique mercury glass

Mercury glass is popping up everywhere. Elegant and beautiful, the technique is easy to do and is an affordable way to dress up a variety of glass pieces. Use it on empty glass bottles, add it to vases and votives.



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