Make your own party lights

Party lighting is expensive to buy - or hire - and this simple project shows how easy it is to make your own decorative twine or rope lighting for a wedding, party of special occasions using twine and balloons.


Decorative table weights

We have more than our fair share of windy weather and windy days can cause havoc if you are entertaining outdoors. One easy solution is to hang weights along the edge of a tablecloth to keep it in place.


Easy rope or twine coasters

Every since I bought a few rolls of rope I have been looking for creative ways to use it up. There are quite a few projects posted in the Craft and Decor - Lighting sections, and here's an easy project that uses can lids and rope to make coasters.


An entrance with 'home' appeal

We have often looked at how to give a home curb appeal, but what about give your house 'home' appeal. Transform your entrance to welcome guests to your home. Two simple projects that you can do in a day and won't cost much, are easy ways to transform your entrance.


Wall mounted flower container

I stumbled across this on Instructables, and while a lot of the ideas are pretty cooky, this one is definitely great. The project uses a PVC pipe to create an unusual wall-mounted container for cut flowers and foliage, and you can make it as large as you want to dress up a plain wall.


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Scroll saw project

Gisela sent through images of her very first scroll saw project for entry into the Craft Challenge. After attending a DIY Divas Dremel Workshop, Gisela immediately started putting her Dremel tools to use.


Craft Challenge: Wrought iron home decor

I have a wonderful, creative husband, Schalk, who can really do / build anything! He assists the kids (ours, friends’, actually anybody who wants something designed and created that you don’t find in the shops) with all their ideas.


Craft Challenge: Painted glass decor

I have just started a small decor business in Alberton. I’m looking to join or be listed by interior decorators /designers as a supplier of unusual decor items.



Craft Challenge: Tokreen craft

I first came across Tokreen in my local arts and crafts shop where I saw items that were made from basic items. After attending a class I was hooked. I use any item I can get my hands on.



Creative uses for a shoe organizer

One affordable storage accessory that comes in very handy in the home is a shoe storage organizer. These handy plastic or cotton shoe storage organizers are perfect for storage and organizing accessories in so many ways...


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Rope or twine hanging pendant

The year before last my hubby bought me an exercise ball for Christmas.The exercise ball has been stuck in the corner of the bedroom since then. Now I have a use for this ball... I am going to use it to make a hanging rope pendant lamp for the bedroom!


Netted bottles and jars for coastal decor

After completing my coastal decor project I decided to look at other ways to add coastal style to plastic and glass bottles. Adding netting around bottles and jars is a simple way to give any item a touch of coastal style, and it's so easy to do.


This is my type of tweet...!

Bird cages and birdies are still popping up everywhere on the Internet. With such cute and adorable creations, how could you not have at least one birdie in your home! From wire bird cages, card bird cages, to bird cage toppers and cardboard creations.


Make a wire bird cage

Feeling crafty this weekend and feeling inspired by our feature on bird cages? We have a tutorial that shows you how to make your own wire bird cage. Decorative bird cages have been around for ages as a decorative accessories and making your own wire cage is a fun weekend project.


Use pegboard in creative ways

You can buy a sheet of pegboard at your local Builders Warehouse for around R200 per sheet. Plan ahead so that you can make full use of a whole sheet and have pieces cut to size for various projects in and around your home.


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Craft and hobby rooms that work

Crafts and hobbies have always been big business, and the advent of Internet has made them even bigger business. Stay-at-home moms around the world are crafting for profit and looking at ways where small DIY projects can attract additional income for cash-strapped families.


Make a twig lamp stand

I have found so many uses for twigs and branches from the garden. Instead of throwing these away, I have created quite a few decor projects that put these to good use.



Wine rack with PVC pipe

When undertaking a home plumbing project, or building a home, you're always left with offcuts of PVC pipes in varying diameters. Adventures in Creating uses PVC pipe offcuts to create a wine rack that is so simple yet looks stunning.


Home-Dzine reader makes over her bedside cabinets

Roline refurbished two bedside cabinets to give them a more trendy, modern look for her new home. Simply by painting over them with a white enamel paint, she let the paint dry overnight and then pasted wallpaper of choice over the drawers and replaced the knobs.


Make an upholstered panel screen

I have made so many upholstered screens and each one is different. You can add thin or thick padding, fasten the edges with upholstery pins or staples, or leave out the padding completely for a more modern feel.


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