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Decorative Wooden Spoons

These decorative wooden spoons are an excellent gift idea that are easy and affordable to make using a Dremel VersaTip soldering iron.


With a Dremel VersaTip you can get crafty with wooden spoons and simple designs to make a handmade gift that's made with love. Even a complete novice can make these lovely wooden spoons and you will find plenty of design ideas on the Internet. 

Cross-hatch, dots, arrows and designs are easy to burn onto wooden spoons, and with a bit of practice beforehand, you will soon be crafting a selection of woodburnt wooden spoons.

A pyrography set can be purchased to make woodburning easier, but I have found that the accessories included when you buy the tool work just as well.

See below for more information on using the Dremel VersaTip for pyrography (woodburning) crafts.

The Dremel VersaTip is a soldering iron with a difference! Featuring variable temperature control, you can select the right temperature for whatever project you are making. The Dremel VersaTip is powered by liquid butane gas which means you can use anytime - anywhere.

The Dremel VersaTip is so easy to use for woodburning (pyrography) crafts.

Choose pine for all your pyrography (woodburning) projects. This wood is a softwood and burns easily, making it simple to do almost any design on the surface.

Simply removing the soldering head allows you to do a soft burnt effect over the surface of your projects, giving designs more depth.

This informative video offers more insight into what you can do with a Dremel VersaTip.


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