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Brilliant ideas for Washi Tape

Washi tape is an easy way to add colour and interest to so many items. Use washi tape to make an imaginative headboard, use it to edge a shelf, or use washi tape to create wall murals... there are so many uses for this versatile craft product.


And you thought washi tape was just for wrapping gifts... right? Well, you can use washi tape and a dash of ingenuity to decorate in so many ways, and we thought we'd share just a few of the amazing ways to use washi tape in your home. Plus, washi tape is available in South Africa (search on Google) and they have recently launched a 100mm-wide washi tape - giving you even more ways to use washi tape.

Washi tape is a self-adhesive tape, similar to masking tape but made of rice paper, that was created by a Japanese manufacturer in 2006. The idea for the tape was put forward by a group of artists looking for a creative way to use tape - the result was washi tape. Today, washi tape is widely used for crafts and decor projects.





You can use washi tape anywhere in the home where you want to add a temporary design that is easy to apply, but also easy to remove. Perfect for those that rent their home, you can use washi tape on walls to add an interesting design and we're seeing washi tape headboards popping up all over the Internet.

Cross-stitch murals are the new way to add interest to walls, but if you prefer something a little more temporary, or you rent your home - use washi tape to stick on an interesting or colourful cross-stitch design. When you want to change the look, simply peel the tape off.

A simple, stunning and inexpensive way to create a mini wall gallery is to frame your favourite images or designs with washi tape. It's easy to remove the tape, making it ideal for renters.

After applying washi tape, use ModPodge or Prominent Paints clear acrylic sealer to provide a protective, wipeable finish over the tape. Apply 5 or 6 coats over the tape.

If you have open shelves, apply a strip of washi tape along the edge to provide an interesting feature. Another great way for those renting to add a personal touch to their home.

Who says you can't be quirky and individual? With washi tape it's so easy to be creative. Apply washi tape to doors to make an interesting and unusual feature.

Turn plain cork tiles into an interesting feature with a few strips of washi tape.

There are so many insanely crafty ways to use washi tape, so grab a tape or three and add washi tape to walls, floors and anywhere!


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