Pine Desk Organiser

Use pine offcuts to make a desk organiser that you can keep for yourself, or give as a Valentine's day gift.


This pine desk organiser is easy to make using a few pine offcuts, and you don't need any tools other than a mitre saw (or jigsaw or table saw).

Because Valentine's Day is close, I added a heart design using a Sharpie paint pen, to give it a romantic touch!


1 of 19 x 69 x 265mm pine - base

1 of 19 x 69 x 178mm pine - middle

2 of 19 x 24 x 89mm pine - cellphone supports

1 of

Wood glue

120-grit sandpaper



Mitre saw (or jigsaw or table saw)

Tape measure and pencil




The desk organiser is made up of components that are glued together.

1, Glue the top onto the middle section. Clamp for about a couple of hours.

2. At the end of the top mark 3 sections, each 200mm wide. Cut these away with a mitre saw (or jigsaw or table saw).

3. You should now have all the components as below. Sand all the pieces ready for assembly later on.

4. On the top, mark out for drilling the pen or pencils.

5. Drill 10mm holes through the two block. Place a scrap piece underneath to protect your work surface.

6. Glue all the components onto the base, as shown below.

7. Time to add some effects with a Dremel VersaTip.

8. Sand down with 240-grit sandpaper to remove any scorched wood on the surface.


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